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  • Sorry friend but a repair on a heater coil is just about as much work as replacing it. Your best bet is to get a second hand one and just change it. If you attempt to fix the old one it will probably leak from another place. One thing that you can do is buy a bottle of stop leak if the leak is not too big.
  • Forget a second hand one by getting a second hand one you could be in the same boat as you were before you started the job. Go out buy a new one and be done with it. They are usually not to expensive and some places guarntee them for a lifetime. I just paid 23 dollars for mine lifetime warranty. Oh yeah that warranty does not include labor if it goes out again.
  • Forget the second hand one. replace it with a new one. it is not a big or difficult job
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Q: How do you repair a leak from the heater coil?
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Water leak on passenger side of 98 Jeep Cherokee?

If the drain plug under the evaporator coil is plugged up it will cause condensation to leak into the car. If the heater core is bad it will allow coolant to leak into the car. If the leak is warm and smells sweet it is the heater coil.

Where else would antifreeze leak if not water pump or hoses?

heater coil

Water heater leak?

If the leak is around a fitting and you can see it, then it may be repairable. Unfortunately many heaters leak at the welded seams and there is no satisfactory repair for that. You may well need a new heater.

How do you know if the heater coil in your 1989 Ford Taurus needs replacement?

See "Related Questions" below for more about 1986-1995 heater coresUsually If the heater CORE is bad it will start to leak, dripping water on the carpet, or steeming up the windows. i have a 1992 Taurus in the garage now for a new heater coil. white smoke, the sweet smell, is the heater coil. you may not see any water dripping in the car if it is a small leak. try a bottle of bars leak before repairing. it could get you through this winter. work for me last winter. sorry to tell you that to change the coil, the dash has to come out. only ford does it this way. the repair can be more than your car may be worth.

How to repair Heater core leak 2001 kia sepia?

you can try radiator leak stopper, but i would just replace heater core .,eally cannot be repaired.

What can cause antifreeze to leak from air conditioer seep hole on firewall?

chances are you have a cracked heater coil

How do you know where water is coming in from on the driver side floor of Porsche boxster?

Usually caused by leak in heater coil.

Will a heater coil lose water and make truck run hot?

yes it can. If your heater core is leaking it will leak on the passenger side floor in the cab of the truck or car.

Is a heater coil a conductor?

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

Where is the heater coil for a 1989 Chevy Cavalier?

Inside the car, passenger side, mounted near the firewall. ok theres heater coil the heater core is under the center of the dash under a acess pannel do not but one form auto zone has 3 leak on me go to the dealer

Where is the heater core on an 87 escort?

It is inside the heating A/C housing. The dash has to come out to get to it. A very involved repair. Even the most experienced master mechanics cringe at having to do a heater core repair. I would suggest putting some aluminum stop leak in the radiator. It will stop the leak in the heater core and will save you the grief of pulling the dash out.

TEMPORary heater core fix 1995 thunderbird?

You can try Stop Leak, in an emergency. The only real repair is replacement.

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