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How do you repair an odometer that does not light up in a 98 Sunfire?


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2015-07-15 20:51:49
2015-07-15 20:51:49

Late model GM instrument clusters are not servicable. cluster replacement is the only option. Another option may be that the light bulb itself has burnt out. You know see this as the odometer is still working when you shine a light on it. The light bulb is dirt cheap but in order to get at it you have to take the entire dash apart just to get at it which will cost you a few dollars.


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You have to remove the dashboard, then remove the instrument cluster. On the back of the cluster, you'll find that you can unscrew the bulbs from the back and replace them. I've done it myself on my own 99 Sunfire --- CanadianCynosure

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AnswerThe 98 Pontiac stores the odometer in the instrument panel cluster. The odometer can be reprogramed either by the dealer or there are companies that will re-program it for you (seach google, there are lots). Or you can buy the odometer programmer for about $1000 but its cheaper to just send the cluster module in. (not only is it legal to reset the odometer; its required in most states when you replace the engine. The odometer is required to reflect the mileage of the engine *NOT* the vehicle)

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Because it is broken!1994-98 Mustang Odometer Gear Repair KitDisconnect the negative terminal.I took my instrument cluster out and found the above mentioned gears to be, decomposing, there was a good instructional video out there. simple. the light switch is an offset washer spring, shove a screwdriver blade in the slot and pull.

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