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I'm not sure about the dash, but for the taillights you need to open the trunk and remove the plastic fasterners that hold the lining up(the fasteners are roughly behind the taillights) Once the lining is pulled down you just need to twist the plastic piece holding the bulb(turn it to the left) and pull it out. Replace the bulb with a #1157 bulb found at any auto parts store.

If both you dash and break lights are out, you probably have a blown fuse, I would check these before I changed any bulbs.

also u can check the wire on the driver side under the hood theres a red wire that's for the dashlights and tail lights mine caught fire and knocked it all out its part of the harness it runs up the wiper wire

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Q: How do you repair burnt out taillights and dash lights in a 1996 Ford Contour?
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Blown fuse, failed switch, broken wire, burnt out bulbs,

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Why would the taillights on a 2001 Ford Expedition not come on with the headlights but the brakelights and hazard lights work if all the fuses are OK?

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