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- This works for cracks & leaks!If you have leaks, try "3M Marine 5200 Adhesive/Sealant"

I have a '60s poured in place bomb shelter of a pool that was full of cracks (and bullet holes) when we bought it. After a couple years of "professionals" repairing it and it still leaking I was chatting with a friend who restores old boats. He suggested 5200. It takes a week to set up but is fairly easy to work (caulking gun), white and semi-paintable. It always stays flexible and is tough as sin. They use it to glue portholes in boats...another situation where leaking is not good. Stuff's been in place in two inch cracks for five years without a leak. About ten bucks a tube (std. caulk gun size).

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Q: How do you repair hairline cracks on the floor and walls of a gunite pool or is this normal?
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Our experience shows that gunite or fiberglass are good. Gunite would probably last the longest. CONCRETE tends to crack over years with normal ground shifts. Had two pools with concrete, so many cracks after 10 years, buried the thing, the repair costs were astronomical.

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how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

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What is the best recommended repair for skimmers leaking on a gunite pool?

Is the skimmer plastic? Does it have a black bottom? If so, there is a kit for this. Check out black bottom skimmer repair - search.

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