How do you repair the worn threads on a garden faucet?


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You have a new one installed!

ANS 2 - Usually very easy to fit a new faucet, even directly to a pipe. -Many faucets now come with a compression fitting.


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Depending on the issue it should be able to be done at home very simply. If it's a leak then I would take apart the faucet and check for worn or corroded parts that can be easily fixed. You can find all parts needed for an at home repair at your local hardware shop. If I knew more about the repair in question I could give more information. If you can isolate the problem then the solution will be easy enough.

Rubber bushings inside the faucet are worn. Replacement kits at local home stores for around $7.

The flow of water from a faucet is regulated by washers and o-rings inside the fixture. When those parts get old and worn, they are not as effective, and water can get past them, even when the faucet is in the "off" position. There are different types of faucets, and the type determines the approach the repair for dripping or leaking. This site details the inner workings of various faucets and offers instructions for repair:

A leaky bathtub faucet can be fixed by replacing the worn O-rings. As the faucet is used, the O-rings begin to break down and allow water to slip past.

Use pipe die on worn threads if you have enough room for die to fit. If not, clean threads with wire brush.

In order to do home repair, one must know the cause of the damage. To fix a loose faucet, it needs to be examined to see if the caulk is old, if the bolts are lose, or if the gasket seals are worn. Once the cause it determined, a trip to the hardware store and a few tools should have everything in order.

If it is a multiple turn faucet, you need a new washer in it. If it is a quarter turn one, it needs a new seat and spring.When a faucet fails to close1- Check the washer2- Check the seat3- Check for any debris that maybe have blocked the washer retaining ring from compressing against the valve seat4- The spline on the valve (threads) maybe damaged as not to be able to close tightly or the bonnet nut threads are worn and thus will not work properly

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Washer worn out, washer seat damaged/corroded The most likely reason is that the sealing washer or seat in the tap/faucet is defective.

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