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Use pipe die on worn threads if you have enough room for die to fit. If not, clean threads with wire brush.

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Q: How can you get a new PVC screw cap to attach to an old worn and rusted threading on a pipe?
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How do you thread pipe?

With a stock and dies and a pipe vice or a threading machine such as a ridgid 300 or 400 or a 12 R or a 65 R depending on the pipe diameter and do not forget the oiler One can always use an Armstrong stockThere are many ways to thread pipe the most popular way is by thread dies of standard pipe but many other ways by using a lathe or cnc machines.When threading pipe of usually 1/2 - 2" standard pipe threads you must use the right threading oil because other different oils will damage your dies so if you are renting or borrowing a threading machine please make sure you have the right threading oil and the more oil you use while threading the pipe the longer your dies will last.

How do you install motorcycle baffles?

Remove the heat shield (if there is one) locate the set screw hole, remove the old baffle (if there is one) insert the new baffle with the screw hole mating up with the pipe hole, add a lil' blue locktite to screw, and screw it into the baffle through the pipe. Re-attach heat shield (if there was one removed). If baffle is a quite one with fiberglass wrapping...leave it on.

What does the inside of a rusted out cast iron sewer pipe look like?

Rusted cast iron.

How do you repair rusted out at foundation cast iron drain pipe?

If it is "rusted out" you do not repair it, You do replace it with XHCI

How do you remove muffler rusted to pipe from converter?


How do you install a steel pipe union?

Either by welding or threading the piping

If you are threading one half inch diameter steel pipe and it is going between two female fittings how much pipe needs to be cut if your center to center distance between the fittings is nine inches?

I'm confused by your use of the term, center to center. I'm guessing you mean from the face of the fitting where the pipe threads in. You can usually screw in about 1/2 inch of pipe into a female fitting, so you would need 10 inches to end up with 9 in between. You can screw this together without a union in between? You can only put pipe together in one direction unless you use a union.

How do you remove the threading from the pipe if it broke off?

There is an internal pipe wrench that goes inside the pipe and expands as you turn it and it turns out the broken piece. You should be able to get the tool at a hardware store.

Is it o.k. to use carbon steel pipe with brass valves?

There are instances when corrosion occurs at the junction of a carbon steel pipe and a brass valve. This is often the result of a pipe threading failure.

How do you repair a cross threaded PVC pipe leak?

You cant, unless you replace the whole joint that has been cross threaded or if its on the pipe, you'll have to cut the pipe and thread it again using a threading tool.

Thread schedule 10 pipe?

Because threading thin wall pipe renders the pressure rating ineffective, as it thins the wall to much to be able to withstand the pressure.

Where is coolant bleeder screw on Pontiac Sunfire?

You should see a horizontal steel pipe just in front of the engine. This pipe has the bleeder screw.

To attach a PVC closet flange to a pipe in a basement floor is it sufficient to glue the flange to the pipe or should it be bolted to the concrete?

I know that it is usually suffcient to just glue it,just make sure your mesurements are on point, but if you must be anal use sheilds and screw. Either or. joe hojas

How many qualifications do you need to be a plumber?

metallurgy , welding /soldering /lead buring /lead wiping /brazing/ pipe threading /pipe / grooving / code and theory knowledge / caulking

What a npt valve is in a water tank pressure system?

npt, national pipe thread, is a standard for threads on a screw. I (not a plumber) don't believe "npt valve" makes sense , but probably refers to a valve which has npt threading. Yes, a NPT Valve would be a valve with pipe threads as opposed to a sweat valve which has solder connections. There are several other type of piping connections too.

Can you attach a PVC pipe to a ceramic pipe i found a crack in my sewage drain and i was wondering if i could replace a section with PVC piping?

Yes, you can attach PVC pipe to ceramic pipe with a fernco. You just have to make sure the inside diameters of the fernco match up with the pipes you are joining.

Can you connect a brass valve to steel pipe?

By threading the steel piping and then screwing on the type of valve you need for the application

Does it help if you apply oil to a rusted pipe?

No it does not. If one can afford to do so. Get the pipe replaced. Putting oil on it could make the metal supple causing it to burst.

What does it mean to thread a pipe?

Cut pipe threads on the end so that you can screw a fitting on the pipe. Same as the lid on a jar.

Are a frozen pipe or a rusted metal bike a chemical energy?

A frozen pipe is a physical change, as it is just water changing state from liquid to solid (ice). However, a rusted metal bike is a chemical reaction as it is caused by the metal reacting with the oxygen in the air, in what is called an oxidation reaction.

Is a rusted pipe which mass has increased violate the law of conservation of mass?

No, it is not true; the law remain valid.

How do you clean rusted thread on galvanized pipe?

I find a wire brush is usually enough to clean threads.

How do I replace a lawnmower muffler that is broken and won't screw off?

spray the pipe threads with a penatrating spray, if it wont screw out, then use a old screw driver to colapes the pipe, make a vee into it, next to the head, then it will loosen,

What is a fun idea for a spider craft for Halloween?

You can get cotton balls, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes. First you get black cotton balls and black pipe cleaners. The cotton balls are the body you attach the eyes with hot glue. Then you attach the pipe cleaners with the hot glue on the body.

How do you remove baffles on 1983 Honda nighthawk?

One simple screw on inside of the pipe near the rear shock remove screw. Grab some pliers Nd pull the baffle out of the pipe. Simple as that