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How do you replace 1995-1998 Windstar headlights-parking-turnsignal bulbs?


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1997 Ford Truck Windstar


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There can be slight variations in procedure from one model to another when replacing headlights. For instance, on some models the turn signal light assembly must be removed before the headlight can be replaced. Overall, however, the procedure does not differ much from the following typical instructions.

Make sure the replacement bulb is the same type and part number as the one that is being replaced.

Comparing the old and the replacement headlamps.

To Replace: Remove the headlight bezel retaining screws. Remove the bezel. If necessary, disconnect the turn signal lamp wires. Remove the retaining ring screws from one or both lights. Remove the retaining rings. Remove the light from the housing. Disconnect the wiring connector from the back of the light. Push the wiring connector onto the prongs at the rear of the new light. Place the new light in the headlight housing. Position it so the embossed number in the light lens is on the top. Place the retaining ring over the light and install the retaining ring screws. Tighten them slightly. Check the aim of the headlight and adjust it, if necessary. Install the headlight bezel. Secure it with the retaining screws. Connect the turn signal lamp wiring (if it was disconnected).

From the Owners Manual


Handle a halogen headlamp bulb carefully - grasp the bulb only by its plastic

base and do not touch the glass. The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the headlamps are operated.

Do not remove the burned out bulb unless you can immediately replace it with a new one. If a bulb is removed for an extended period of time, contaminants may enter the headlamp and affect its performance.

To remove the headlamp bulb:

1. Make sure that the engine is off and the headlamp switch on the instrument panel is in the OFF position.

2. Lift the hood and locate the headlamp bulb installed in the rear of the headlamp. Remove the electrical connector from the bulb by pulling the connector away from the bulb assembly.

3. Squeeze the bulb retaining clip toward the bulb until it releases. Keep the clip. You must use it again to hold the new bulb in place.

4. Carefully remove the bulb assembly from its socket by gently pulling it rearward without turning.

5. Do not touch the bulb with your skin or you could shatter the bulb. Always grasp the bulb assembly from the plastic base.

6. Be sure that you have the proper replacement bulb ready before you discard the burned out bulb.

To install a bulb:

1. With the flat side of the bulb's plastic base facing upward, insert the glass end of the bulb into the socket. You may need to turn the bulb left or right to line up the grooves in the plastic base with the tabs in the socket. When the grooves are aligned, push the bulb into the socket until the plastic base contacts the rear of the socket. Do not touch the glass with your fingers.

2. Snap the retaining clip over the plastic base.

3. Push the electrical connector into the rear of the plastic base until it snaps, locking it into place.


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The bulbs can be replaced for the radio and heater controls on a 2000 Windstar SE by removing the plate over the heater controls. Some models need an Allen wrench for this and some models will need a Star wrench to remove the screws holding this plate on.

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-- Without changing the bulbs, increase the voltage of the battery or power supply. -- If the bulbs are in series, take one out of the circuit, and replace it with a piece of wire. -- Replace incandescent bulbs with others whose filaments have lower resistance. -- Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent tubes. -- Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

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