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How do you replace a 92 Jeep Cherokee serpentine belt?

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April 23, 2006 8:49AM

both 4 or 6 cyl should be the same procedure. 4cyl: Belt tension is adjusted at the power steering pump. Located there are two bolt, one for adjustment and one for pivoting. Loosen both, move the p/s pump toward the engine to loosen off, then it will slide off the other pullys. ensure replacement belt is orientated correctly or bad things will happen. clockwise over the top of the AC pully, clockwise over the top of the P/S pully, clockwise UNDERNEATH the crank shaft vibration damper (the bottom-most pully) anti clockwise from bottom to top of water pump pully, clockwise underneath the alternator pully finishing back at the A/C. 6cyl: again clockwise over the A/C, under the idler, over the top of the P/S and back under (still clockwise) to the water pump pully (which goes over ANTI clockwise) back CW UNDER the crankshaft vibration dampner, anti CW back over the top of the water pump pully, under the alternator and back to A/C. Use a prybar to adust tension and to hold in position while tightening. Be careful to not damage any other parts while using leverage. A "belt tension guage" can be purchased to gain accurate tension level. 23.04.06 - I have just had cause to change the belt on a 93 limited I6 and was a tad nonplussed. Off the front of the water pump is a spring mounded tensioner. Whack a 15mm spanner on the head, heave toward the engine and the belt slid right off. Putting it back on caused some skin loss and lots of foul language, but once i'd thought about it a bit, the reverse was very easy. You will need something (i used a drive extension) to slip the belt on the last pully, dont try to use your fingers like i did. The spanner slipped with my fingers between the last pully and the tensioner, causeing the tensioner to spring back up and i didnt quite move quick enough..... I hope this has been of some help.