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To remove the panel across the dash that covers the radio, the air deflectors must also be turned to one side and gently pushed down on with a flat tip at the top and pulled out. Get the flat tip right next to the pin to depress the tab. There are four additional screws behind them and failing to remove them will break the deflector holders loose from the panel and create a nice rattle! Voice of experience speaking.

First pry off the wood trim panels that run the length of the dash (there are two pieces, one each side of the steering column). After you have exposed the dash below the wood paneling, you'll see 4 or 5 hex-head screws holding the entire dash paneling that surrounds the cluster, steering column, air bag, and each vent (it's one whole piece). Before attempting to remove, lower your steering wheel as fair as possible in order to slide the panel over the cuff around the steering column, as well as the gear shift (put it all the way down into 1st), which requires you have your key handy to put the ignition into ACC. This will give you more room to get the panel off. Once this is done, there are 3 more hex-head screws holding the radio in place. Remove. Remember to get the proper mounting bracket for your new stereo. *** Also, be mindful of the depth of the new radio. You'll see a metal brace of some sort that cannot be moved at the rear of the radio compartment. In order to add any new lines, it's best to drill out some of the fiberglass on the bottom of the compartment to run a remote line and/or RCA cables.

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Q: How do you replace a CD-radio on 1999 Buick Lesabre?
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