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the odometer needs to come out. look for several Phillips head screws that holds the trim panel surrounding the odometer. once you have clear access, you should see 4 more screws holding the unit in place. once you have those, gently pull the unit towards you. Unplug the harnesses and undo the speedometer cable. Once the unit is out, you'll see the blubs and their sockets.

hope this helps as I'm going by memory.

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Q: How do you replace a Dash bulb odometer in 93 Ford Tempo?
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How do you remove and replace a headlight switch on a 1994 Ford Tempo?

there is a pin on the switch which must be depressed to remove the unit from the dash.

How do you replace ball joint 95 Ford Tempo?

There's no such thing as a 1995 Ford Tempo...

How do you replace front door actuator for 93 tempo?

how do you replace front door actuator for 93 ford tempo

Where is the fuse panel on a 1990 Ford Tempo?

The fuse panel on a 1990 Ford Tempo is located under the dash to the left of the steering column.

How do you replace the flywheel in a Ford Tempo?

Have to remove the transmission.

2008 ford crown vic odometer gauge cluster dash inopertive?


How do you replace dash lights on Ford f 150?

where are the dash bolts located to replace burnt dash lights

How do i know what fuse gose to blinkers in 93 Ford Tempo?

Thre is no fuse but a relay on the fuse panel, under the driver side dash. The round metal can is what you want to replace.

How do you replace a blower motor in a 1994 Ford Tempo?

I would like to change the blower motor in my 1994 Ford Tempo by myself. Do you have any instructions for me to follow?

How do you replace the ignition module on a 88 Ford Mustang?

88ford tempo

Ford tempo no brake lights?

A Ford Tempo will have no brake lights if the bulb has blown or the wires have come loose. Alternatively, the brake sensor in the dash can fail and stop sending power to the lights.

How do you replace a fuel pump in a 1988 Ford Tempo?

defective fuel pump

What years did they make Ford Tempo?

The Ford Tempo was introduced as a 1984 model to replace the Ford Fairmont. Then it was replaced by the 1995 Contour. That's a production run of 10 years. (1984-1994).

Where is the fuse box on an 89 Ford Tempo?

Look under the dash between the steering wheel and the door.

How do you repair the odometer on a 1995 ford ranger?

I am guessing that there are a few ways..1 replace the speed sensor(located on the transmission...) if that dont do it then replace the cluster ..Dash part of it...where the speedometer and guages are..very easy to replace....20-mins tops....just remove the screws on the dash..and under the hood latch...and all pops right off..Hope this helps..

When was Ford Tempo created?

Ford Tempo was created in 1984.

How can you fix a weak odometer or message light in the dash console that can only be read at night on a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

The 2003 Ford Expedition is one of many Ford vehicles that are prone to problems with the digital odometer display. Symptoms of the common intermittent odometer problem include a dim or completely blank display. There is a complete discussion of the intermittent odometer problem at .

Is there an anti lock brake system on a 1994 Ford Tempo?

Do you see ABS on the dash screen when you start it up?

1993 Ford Econoline E350 cargo van odometer quit working and I get paid mileage how can I fix it?

Not positive but logically speaking the dash odometer is at one end and the gear or senor in the trans is at the other. Replacing the gear in the trans, if it's gear driven, is just replacing the gear assembly by unbolting it from the trans and disconnecting the cable from that assembly. Check the gear (turn) to see if it turns within it's housing. Not moving, replace. If it turns as it should, it should be o.k.. Replace the gear assembly. Next turn the end of the cable which fits into the gear assembly while having someone else observe the dash odometer to see if it moves (bounce's. If it moves, replace the gear assembly and push the cable down into the gear housing as far is it'll go and secure it with it's retaining clip. Take a test drive to insure it works. Still doesn't work? Try to push the cable further into the gear assembly. If it still doesn't work it still could be the cable but you must remove the cable end at the dash odometer. Don't know how much room there is under the dash of an E350 but the other Ford product I chased this problem on the dash panel around the dash cluster had to be removed. After removing the cluster from the dash, the cable end can be removed easily. You also need to remove the cable from the trans end. Then have someone else hold on to one end of the cable shaft and you turn the cable shaft at the other end of the cable. If it doesn't turn at both ends, replace the odometer cable. Then attach the cable to gear the odometer in the dash cluster. Again turn the cable shaft at the trans end to see if it makes the speed indicator move (bounce. If it moves, replace the cluster, dash panel, and reinsert the cable shaft into the gear assembly and test drive . If it still doesn't work, you'll need to dissemble everything at the dash end and replace the odometer. If the vehicie does not have a odometer cable (instead has a wire cable between the gear sensor in the trans and the dash odometer), remove the gear end connector with the wires attached, clean the pins in that connector with a minature wire brush, bend the tips of the pins slightly, and reattach to the gear assembly and test drive. If it still doesn't work, replace the gear sensor. Still doesn't work, the dash odometer in the dash cluster must be replaced (see above).

White smoke coming from the air vents of a 1991 ford tempo?

replace the heater core

How do you replace the fuel selector switch on a 1995 Ford F-250?

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Where is the horn relay located at on a 1994 Ford Tempo?

On the older model Tempo the relay was located in the front seating area, driver side, under dash, mounted above fuse panel.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1992 Ford Tempo?

I found the answer at

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

located in the fuel tank probably have to remove for access

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