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13mm socket, remove anchor at base of battery holding it in place. Then with 8mm socket/spanner remove both terminals. Do this in reverse order and your good to go

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Q: How do you replace a car battery for a Renault laguna?
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What car battery is required for a 2001 Renault Laguna 1.6 Petrol Sport?

You can go to and enter the year and make and it will tell you the exact battery your Laguna uses.

Why does the stop light and battery light stay on when car is running in Renault laguna?

Alternator bad or wiring fault to alternator.

What countries can I find a used Renault Laguna for sale?

The Renault Laguna is a small 3 door car available in the United Kingdom. There are various models of the Renault Laguna available on the UK version of Auto Trader.

When the battery in a Renault laguna goes flat does the imoblizer kick in and cause the car not to start?

well the batterys flat, so it won't start, with or without an imoblizer

Which country is the Renault Laguna Cars from?

A Renault Laguna is originally from the country of France. It was manufactured mainly to be used as a family car. Different models have came out to which the French lay claim.

What is a cheap Renault laguna?

A cheap renault laguna is an inexpensive used car. It comes in both a sedan and hatchback model. One can be purchased for under 1000.00 pounds in the UK

What is the length of the dip stick on a Renault laguna aleze td?

That depends are you on the car and how tall are you ????

How do you reprogramme your 1997 Renault Laguna key?

bought a second hand card key for laguna 2001 to reprogramme the key for my car what do i do

How do you fit a thermostat on Renault laguna?

To fit a thermostat on a Renault Laguna, check both upper and lower hose of the car. Check the hose that is cool and fit the thermostat on the engine side of that hose.

No ignition lights and car wont even try too start when key card is entered on a Renault laguna II?

Your battery may be flat and could need recharging or replaced.

How do you change lower arm on a Renault laguna 11?

check both upper and lower hose of the car

When to replace the car battery?

if the battery gets weak and useless, then you have to replace it...

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