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I used this procedure on my 1999 Cadillac from this forum.

On my 1996 DeVille, the flasher is a 3 prong, square unit that is located just above the emergency break pedal on the inside face of the lower dash panel. To replace this flasher you should start by removing the 2, 9/32" bolt head retaining screws holding the black access panel just above the break pedal. Lay down on your back and look up inside the dash. You may find the round hazard flasher high just above your head, this is not it. Stick you hand up along the panel in front of the emergency break pedal. Locate with your hand a 2 inch long square relay box and move it to unhook it from it's clip. (If the flasher is the factory flasher it will have a metal clip retaining it under the dash. Your new part will not have this clip.) Route the old flasher and wire down so that it hangs from under the dash. Now you can see it and disconnect it. There are multiple connectors, but only three of them line-up and actually have metal receptors inside the socket. Take note of the removal of the flasher so you are not confused during reinstallation. I think the other connectors are for additional features not needed in the US. Take the part to the parts store or just replace with new one. Relocate the flasher safely up in the dash in relatively the same place and make sure it won't move around. return the black panel to its position above the break pedal and replace the 2, 9/32" retaining screws.

Pep boys has an OEM Tridon/Stant 12volt 3terminal electronic flasher part# EP34 or the Delco part number is 3548813

This procedure worked for me. If you search Google for (delco 3548813) you can find a picture of the part or try

You will probably have to feel around for the part as it is hard to see. It is down under the area by the gas fill release button.

This answer worked for me. Be aware there is a separate flasher for the hazard signals, this flasher unit is on the other side of the steering wheel, from the turn signal unit. A hint to find the turn signal flasher unit, when you get the cover parts off, stick your head up and use the turn signal lever, you can hear the unit click each time.


This answer is great! Before reading this, I spent about two hours trying to locate the unit. With answer in hand, the entire job took about ten minutes except for a trip to the parts store. The replacement unit did not have the clip, but a small piece of two-sided mounting tape held the new flasher in the same position that the clip held the old unit.

I have a 1999 Cadillac deville and the signal flasher went out. I used the above answers and all were exactly like they said. The Cadillac dealer wanted $40 for the unit and NAPA had it for $14. The price difference was so drastic that I thought the units must be different. But using the info above and the part number of EP34, I was sure that the NAPA part would work and it did. All the above tips were great. Especially the one about listening for the clicking. Better yet, I put my finger on it and felt it clicking to ensure I had the right flasher. Since my flasher went out I had to manually turn the signal on and off with one hand while feeling the unit with the other.


This answered worked perfectly. Just wanted to add a few additions. I picked up my replacement part from AutoZone, part number FL34 Blazer/Tridon Turn Signal Flasher for $10. Took about 20 minutes to install, the hardest part was finding/reaching the old unit. One tip I can offer is after removing the black access panel, there is another panel just under the steering column that can also be removed to give more room to find/reach the flasher unit. Thanks for the help and good luck to anyone who attempts this fix.

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Q: How do you replace a flasher on a 1999 Cadillac deVille?
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