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How do you replace a fog light set on a 95 Pathfinder?


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2015-07-15 19:40:55
2015-07-15 19:40:55

the fog lights come apart in 2 sections.#1 remove the lens cover by pushing the clips(1 on each side of the lens)away from the lens cover.#2 after the lens cover is removed,you sould see a wiring harness with a plug.disconnect the plug.


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Look up the factory fog light instructions (Same set up) . The only difference is that you are placing them in the corner vents and not popping out bottom grill.

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Remove grill for better access. Then proceed to remove bulbs. The fog lights set inside casing. Unscrew them and replace bulbs. Return mechanism s and they should shine properly.

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under the driver set there is a fuse box, locate it, once you've opened the fuse box flip the cap over and find the fuse for the fog lights. pull it out. fog lights bypassed.

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Assuming this is for one of the 2 rear fog lamps, then remove the three bolts from the rear lamp housing. The fog lamp is the bottom bulb in the set. Give the bulb holder a quarter turn anti-clockwise and remove the bulb and holder from the lamp housing. The bulb is held in place by a plastic clip either side. Spread the clip sideways slightly and the bulb will pull out. Put new bulb in and replace.

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