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the best i can docheck to see if your gas tank is lined up with the back seat. if it is chances are you remove your back seat and under will be a plate on top of gas tank. remove plate and youll see the fuel pump. (fuel pump) not sure how to take it off but i think its just a screw. then it will have a harness hook up just pull it apart and hook new pump up and replace back seat. some seats take a 6 hex socket to get off. 3/8 drive is the best cause its hard to get too but is alot easier than dropping the gas tank. id call auto zone and ask one of the guys if can be reached under the back seat they would probably know. if you have to drop the gas tank i would take it to the shop. but if you have good tools and a garage(wich i don't) go for it, shouldn't too hard. if you have a full tank it will be heavy. around 7lbs per gallon plus weight of tank. sorry i couldn't be more help goodluck

There is no access throght the seat on this car The fuel tank needs to be removed. Very easy to do Disconnect fuel lines and fill neck Remove the two tank strap bolts let the tank drop It won't fall all the way out Reach your hand onto top of tank and disconnect two electrical connectors Lower the straps and lower the tank

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Q: How do you replace a fuel pump for a 1999 Saturn sl1?
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