How do you replace a gas tank on a 1989 Crown Victoria?

I am not a certified mechanic but I do a lot of work on my cars and I have removed the gas tank and replaced the fuel pump on a 1986 Crown Vic Station Wagon. I currently have a 1990 Crown Vic Sedan and I need to replace the fuel pump on it. For a quick overview you have to siphon most of the gas out of the tank. Remove the electrical connector from the tank (to be safe remove the ground cable from the battery). Remove the clips from the two gas lines and using a spring lock tool slide the gas lines off the lines at the tank. All of this is located on the front-center of the tank, halfway up. Next remove the filler tube by removing the four bolts just around the filler tube opening and there may be a retaining ring fastened with one bolt right where it goes into the tank. Twist and turn the filler tube and it will come out of the tank. (It goes into the tank 8" to 10".) Then remove the two nuts holding the two straps that hold the tank up. Get some help holding the tank as you take it down. Also there could be a ground wire from the car frame to the outside of the tank. Take this loose if found. My current problem is trying to figure out how to remove the electrical connector on a 1990 Crown Vic gas tank. It is an unusuall connector with a red band half way around the connector and I cannot figure out how to release this band. Can anyone help?