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How do you replace a headlight bulb on a 2002 VW Beetle?

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1. Remove headlight housing.

  • Open Hood and pull the release lever at the back of the housing. The headlight housing slides in and out of the body in tracks.
  • B.Pull out the headlight housing far enough to disconnect the electric connectors, then slide the housing completely out.

2. Remove the retaining clip to remove the upper (low beam) or lower (high beam) bulb from the holder from the back of the housing unit. Remove the old bulb(s).

3. Do not touch the bulb with your bare hands! Wear clean gloves or hold with a clean paper towel. Fingerprints on the bulb will cause the bulb to burn out or explode!. Insert the new bulb.

4. Replace the retaining clips and insert the housing back into the tracks and into the body. Plug the electric connectors in and insert the housing completely.

5. Reposition the release lever to the original position being careful not to break the plasic lever.

6. Check your lights for operation.

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2002 VW Volkswagen Beetle headlight bulb lamp replacement: Purchase the correct replacement headlight bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the headlight bulb lamp replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for bulb replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).

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Replace headlight bulb only when blown.

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On older vehicles you replace the entire headlight. On the newer vehicles you just replace the bulb unless the headlight assembly is damaged.

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To replace a headlight bulb on a 2004 Ram 3500, open the engine compartmentÊhood and locate the back of the headlight bulb to be replaced. Twist the headlight bulb counterclockwise to remove, and replace with new.ÊÊ

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