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How do you replace a headlight on a 1998 VW Polo?



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Hi, I had the same problem so here goes on an answer. I started by removing the water expansion tank. To do this you need to remove the wiring plastic covers( 2number) from either side of the bottle then remove screws. Lift up the tank, as it has a plastic bit that fits into the car body. This allows you access to the black plastic cover for the bulb. Twist the bulb slowly and it should come loose. Take off the electrical connection and replace. remember to look at the way the bulb came out. Refit opposite to the above. Hope this helps as it worked for me. I am not a mechanic, just someone who can't believe how difficult VW has made changing bulbs. I am also someone who doesn't want to pay vw for simple routine maintenance. Hope it works for everyone else. Stuart