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How do you replace a heater core in a 1995 ford f150?

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2008-11-09 02:34:34

The heater core is difficult to change on the Ford trucks. They

have it buried in the plenum box and you have to remove the

steering wheel, steering column, dash, evacuate the refrigerant

system, drain the radiator, and remove the plenum box to get to the

core. Replacing the core is easy, getting to it is a day's


You need to be sure that the heater core is really the problem

before tackling this job. If you have a pool of coolant on the

floor, you'll have to go after the core. If the problem is lack of

heat, there are some things you need to eliminate before tearing

into the truck. You need to make sure that coolant is flowing

through the core. Check the temperature of the heater hoses going

into the firewall when the engine is cool and see if they warm up

together as the engine warms up. If both hoses get hot at about the

same rate, this is a good indication that coolant is flowing

through the core. You can also remove the hoses and flush the core

with a water hose splice from Home Depot and a water hose. Water

should flow unobstructed through the core.

If it appears that coolant is flowing and you don't have obvious

leaks, the next step is to check the blend door. This door controls

the air flow through the heater core and failure is common on Ford

trucks. When the door breaks, it can block the flow of air through

the core and kill heat and will also have an impact on AC. If the

system seems to work intermittently, it's a good indication that

the door is broken and rattling around randomly blocking or opening

the passage to the core.

For diagnostic information on how to check the operation of the

blend door and a cheap easy fix, check the heatertreater listing on

Ebay or the web site at The dealer fix for the

blend door is basically the same procedure for replacing the heater

core, so it will be expensive. The HeaterTreater alternative will

solve the problem at a fraction of the cost and work and is well

within the capability of the average shade tree mechanic.

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