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The heater flap, or blend door, is difficult to replace with OEM parts supplied from Ford. There is an aftermarket kit that makes the job and cost significantly easier at or on the Ebay listing.

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Q: How do you replace a heater flap on a 1999 ford F150?
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Where is the heater tap located in a Daewoo Nubira 2001?

daewoo nubira does not run a heater tap ,its ahs coolant flowing through the heater core and is directed by a flap to hot or cold

How do you install block heater on 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

The block heater is standard on most Trailblazers. The cord is attached under a flap against the battery.

What are the release dates for Good Eats - 1999 Flap Jack Do It Again 3-7?

Good Eats - 1999 Flap Jack Do It Again 3-7 was released on: USA: 27 December 2000

How do you replace sunvisor mirror cover flap on a 2003 explorer? are great!

Where is the flap that isolates the airflow through the heater core for 2000 Dodge Durango?

It is inside the HCAV housing under the dash.

Where is your block heater plug for 2001 blazer?

I found mine through the inspection flap behind the driver's side wheel, hanging by the frame.

Were is the heater control valve located on a 1998 olds cuttlas?

Like most cars. The heater control valve is located inside the closed compartment with the heater core and the and the AC condenser. It is a door flap that seperates the heated air from the outside air, or the AC air.

Why might the heater in a 95 F150 not produce heat through the vents even though all fluids flaps and core work properly?

this is my truck and i have exhausted my options i have also replaced the thermostat. It's not just the dash vents it's also the defroster and floor. The heater cor works fine and the cold/hot cable is still connected on each end and the vent flap works to. please give me some suggestions. E-mail me at thanks

Where is fuse for rear windscreen heater?

depending on the year, mines 2007,its in the dashboard on the drivers side, little flap, 7th fuse down 10amp.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada?

under the front bumper. you need a flathead to undo a flap

Where do you find a flap door to the heater in a 1997 f150 truck?

Check the information below and follow the link to a video showing how to access and repair the blend door. The Heater core is difficult to replace on the F150 since it is buried in the plenum box. Getting to the core involves removing the steering wheel, steering column, complete dash panel, evacuating the AC, draining the radiator, and finally removing the heater box. Once you have the box out(8-12hrs), the core is simple to replace. You want to be sure that the core is the problem before you undertake this process. If there is a strong smell of antifreeze in the cab or a puddle of coolant on the floor, the diagnosis is easy. Check that the radiator is full, not the overflow tank, the radiator. On a cold engine you can remove the radiator cap and check the level. It should be full. If there is air in the system it will affect cab heating and engine cooling. Another good check is to feel the two heater hoses going into the firewall from a cold start. The hoses should warm up at about the same rate and get uncomfortably hot-close to radiator temperature. If the core appears to be OK, the next concern is with the blend door that diverts air through the heater core. This is a common failure on the F150. We have a video posted on our web site that shows how to diagnose and repair the system. Please follow my user name back to my bio page to find a cut-and-paste link to the web site. You are only a few clicks away from solving the problems.

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