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Why might the heater in a 95 F150 not produce heat through the vents even though all fluids flaps and core work properly?


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2004-10-03 00:56:17
2004-10-03 00:56:17

this is my truck and i have exhausted my options i have also replaced the thermostat. It's not just the dash vents it's also the defroster and floor. The heater cor works fine and the cold/hot cable is still connected on each end and the vent flap works to. please give me some suggestions. E-mail me at thanks


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To fix a Jaguar S type heater, check the diverter mechanism. It shunts air through the heater core, which may not be operating properly.

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The heater blower may not be working properly. Without the heater blower working, the air will not come through the vents.

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A properly installed heat pump uses about one third of the electrical energy to produce the same amount of heat.

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Have you checked you heater control valve or heater core if working properly.

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Yes they can, especially if the heater is not not properly installed or grounded.

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