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How do you replace a lower intake manifold gasket on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

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First, you'll need the gaskets. These include the upper and lower intake gaskets, as well as the valve cover gaskets. You'll also need a 1 1/16" wrench to remove the EGR nut located on the driver's side of the block. Start by marking all electrical connections, plugs, etc. with a grease marker. Next, remove the alternator, radiator hoses, and cold air intake. You'll also have to unbolt the throttle bracket that hold the throttle lines in place. Then, remove the upper intake manifold by unbolting all six bolts that hold it in place. You will more than likely have to unbolt the AC compressor and move it forward, because you'll need the room. Make sure to remove the coil pack bracket located on the passenger's side of the block, too. Now comes the fun (actually, not so fun) part. Unbolt both fuel lines and unclip all the fuel injector sensors (be sure to mark their locations). Next, remove the valve covers. Then, remove the lower intake. It is not necessary to remove the fuel rail. To replace the gaskets on all parts, make sure to scrape the block and lower intake to remove all old gasket material. Also, stuff some shop rags into the lower intake ports (in the engine block) to stop any gasket debris from entering the engine. Then, simply replace to gaskets (drop some ORV sealant on all four corners for lower intake mating surface) and put everything back together. Be very careful with the sensor clips, though. They're extremely brittle and will break without much force.

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Do you have to replace the intake gasket when removing intake manifold?

Yes, you must install a new intake manifold gasket.

Intake manifold gasket leak?

Replace gasket why does gasket keep sliding

How do you fix intake gasket on 2000 lasabre?

The only fix for a bad intake gasket is to remove the intake manifold and replace the gasket.

Does the cab on a 2005 f250 6.0 have to come off to replace a manifold gasket?

No. which manifold gasket are you wanting to replace? Intake or exhaust?

What is the labor time to replace intake manifold gasket on a 2001 intake manifold gasket?

around 6-7 hours according to AllData

How to replace the Intake manifold gasket on a 1996 Chevy Astro?

Remove the intake manifold retaining bolts from your 1996 Chevy Astro Van. Remove the manifold gasket and clean the surface. Reverse the process to install the new intake manifold gasket.

How do you change intake manifold gasket on a 2003 grand am3.4?

Pretty straight forward. You must remove the intake manifold in order to replace the gasket.

How do you replace intake manifold gasket venture?

Elmo is cool

How do you replace the lower intake manifold gasket in a 99 Chevy Venture?

there is no lower intake gasket, only a front and rear gasket

Labor charge to replace a intake manifold gasket on a 99 Chevy Tahoe?

The labor charge to replace and intake manifold gasket, on a 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe, is approximately $180. It takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to replace the gasket.

What are the torque specs to replace a 2003 olds alero intake manifold gasket?

alero intake manifold torque specs

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on Ford Mustang?

If your intake manifold gasket is no good will antifreeze leak out?

Yes, you need to replace your intake gaskets.

How do you replace an intake manifold gasket on a 2001 Grand Am GT?

how to replace a distributor gasket on a 2000 Pontiac grand am 3.4l

What is a intake gasket?

The intake gasket is the gasket that conncects from your air filter into your intake manifold

How do you replace intake manifold gasket on Chevy pick up?

Remove everything on top of the intake (hoses, fuel rails, linkages.) Unbolt the manifold and remove it. Clean the old gasket off and replace it. Reinstall all parts removed to get to the gasket.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 2004 freelander?

Sell your car.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 1996 Buick century?

I just had the intake manifold gasket replaced on my 96 century yesterday and my bill was $450 but my gasket was only leaking out. If its leaking into your oil it may be more.

Is there a solution to fixing intake gasket on 97 blaser?

Yes, remove the intake manifold and replace the gasket. It can be done with a basic mechanics tool kit.

Where is the intake manifold gasket located?

between the head and intake manifold

Where is the intake manifold gasket?

Between the intake manifold and the cylinder head.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 1999 ford explorer?

Just had this done (Feb 2011) at a local Ford dealership. The cost with an oil cahnge was $613.00.

What is the cost to replace intake manifold gasket on 2002 Chervolet impala?

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How much will it cost to replace intake manifold gasket on a Pontiac Aztek?


The Coolant is leaking from between the manifold and block on a 1966 gto 389 ci?

you need to replace the intake manifold gasket.