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How do you replace a lower intake manifold gasket on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

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April 02, 2008 6:09PM

First, you'll need the gaskets. These include the upper and lower intake gaskets, as well as the valve cover gaskets. You'll also need a 1 1/16" wrench to remove the EGR nut located on the driver's side of the block. Start by marking all electrical connections, plugs, etc. with a grease marker. Next, remove the alternator, radiator hoses, and cold air intake. You'll also have to unbolt the throttle bracket that hold the throttle lines in place. Then, remove the upper intake manifold by unbolting all six bolts that hold it in place. You will more than likely have to unbolt the AC compressor and move it forward, because you'll need the room. Make sure to remove the coil pack bracket located on the passenger's side of the block, too. Now comes the fun (actually, not so fun) part. Unbolt both fuel lines and unclip all the fuel injector sensors (be sure to mark their locations). Next, remove the valve covers. Then, remove the lower intake. It is not necessary to remove the fuel rail. To replace the gaskets on all parts, make sure to scrape the block and lower intake to remove all old gasket material. Also, stuff some shop rags into the lower intake ports (in the engine block) to stop any gasket debris from entering the engine. Then, simply replace to gaskets (drop some ORV sealant on all four corners for lower intake mating surface) and put everything back together. Be very careful with the sensor clips, though. They're extremely brittle and will break without much force.