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How do you replace a manifold gasket in a 95 Ford Windstar?


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2015-07-15 19:55:47
2015-07-15 19:55:47

"Manifold gasket" ? whick one? Upper intake MG,Lower intake MG or exhaust MG? I thinks you mean intake MG. The Upper intake MG is easy on. Just undo the bolt and clear the gasket materal, then replace new upper intake MG. The lower intake MG is a little bit hard. Carefully clear the old gasket material on the manifold and head, clear the bolt nad bolt hole in the head, then carfully install the lower intake MGand double check the coolant passage in ordeer to void the coolant leading. The last step is to torque corectly the bolt.

good luck.


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The oil filter gasket is built into the filter itself, so just by changing the filter, you always get the new gasket.

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Need to know if it is the intake manifold or an exhaust manifold and what is wrong with it.

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Just had this done (Feb 2011) at a local Ford dealership. The cost with an oil cahnge was $613.00.

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