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How do you replace a serpentine belt on a Hyundai 2002 xg350?


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2008-08-12 13:50:00
2008-08-12 13:50:00

I just had my serpentine belt changed the other day. I went to my local Firestone and they replaced it within the hour for around $75 including labor.

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$500-$600 w/ the dealer. They have to pull the radiator out to get down to the alternator underneath it. Happened to me.

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It is located underneath timing belt cover, behind crank pulley.

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There are two serpentine belts a/c timing etc. and alternator just release belt tensioner towards front of motor for outer belt and the secnd tensioner is located on the alternator

You can try this video guide on repairing the serpentine belt.

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Saab dealer quoted 1 hour to replace the serpentine belt. The cost of the belt was $60 canadian.

Get the new belt and start by removing the alternator

they make a serpentine belt tool that you can get at just about any autoparts store to help you remove it.

It can cost as much as about $300 to replace the charcoal canister on the 2002 Hyundai. This varies according the mechanic labor pricing in your area. The canister averages around $100 to $150.

I disconnect the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. Hook back up and light is off. My problem has been the gas cap gasket- o ring.

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Vist and get an account to log in. This is the Hyundai factory service website and provides technical service data for this cars. Once you're in, look up the service info for a full drive belt system diagram which will include the tension pully.

Yes the timing belt should be replace at 60,000 miles. The 3.5 engine is a interference engine. If the timing belt brakes the valves will make contact with the pistons and will thrash the engine. Check your owners manuel. This is a double overhead cam engine and should be by hyundai service center. It is not a job for the novice. I am a shade tree mechanic, do all my repairs but not is one. I have changed timing belt before and would not attempt this challenge.

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