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How do you reset the radio on a 2002 Hyundai XG350?


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Tune the radio to a desired station and depress the "radio" button. Station will go quiet for a second and the return as saved.

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I disconnect the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. Hook back up and light is off. My problem has been the gas cap gasket- o ring.

The factory radio does not have a reset button.

It is located underneath timing belt cover, behind crank pulley.

i just bought a 2002, and i supposively have a fre-on leak. its blows, but warm air only.

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The easiest way to reset your 2002 VW Beetle radio is to remove the radio fuse. Keep the radio fuse out for 10 seconds and replace it to its original slot.

$500-$600 w/ the dealer. They have to pull the radiator out to get down to the alternator underneath it. Happened to me.

I have a 2002 cadillac dts and the radio will not come on. Is there a code to reset it.

There is nothing to reset except the radio station presets and possibly radio code if the radio has a theft deterrent feature. Nothing else for you to do.

Check your owners manual for the correct way to reset the radio. If you dont have one, check the Related Link below.

I have my code I need to know what to do with it so my radio will work the battery was removed.

The reset code is specific to the radio. Look in and on the glove compartment for the code and in the owners manual. If it is not there you need the serial number of the radio and have to call the dealer for the code.

you dont reset it, you go buy a chevorlet and all your problems will be solved.

The radio code for each Hyundai vehicle is unique. The vehicle would have had the number on a plasic credit card sized card in the owners manual when new. If you don't have this card you will need to take your vehicle to your Hyundai dealer where they will remove the radio, obtail the serial number then contact Hyundai to find out what your code is :)

I just had my serpentine belt changed the other day. I went to my local Firestone and they replaced it within the hour for around $75 including labor.

you need to contact a dealer and get the code for your car.

It is under the hood fuse box, it has written everything outside.

If you disconnect a battery cable the preset radio stations and the clock has to be reset

Vist and get an account to log in. This is the Hyundai factory service website and provides technical service data for this cars. Once you're in, look up the service info for a full drive belt system diagram which will include the tension pully.

Change the filter and hit the reset button on the information center which is located above the radio. If the above fails take it to a dealer and have them reset it.

I had the same problem with my radio in my Hyundai scoupe 1991 and I just go to the dealership and after checking on their computer they give me a code to restar my radio.

The 2002 Hyundai Elantra has 16 valves.

The 2002 Hyundai Sonata has 16 valves.

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