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How do you replace a starter for a 1993 Buick LeSabre?


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2011-09-12 20:46:50
2011-09-12 20:46:50

It'll be center, front, right under the engine. Disconnect the battery, then remove the wires from the starter. They'll be connected at two points. Just look at the new starter to figure out where to find them on the old one. There should be two bolts, one on the front and one in back holding it in. One of these also hold a small plastic shield in place. You might have to wiggle the starter around a bit to get it out. It only took me a half hour to replace mine last week.

Actually, there are three bolts, two on one side, and one on the other. My Dad and I just changed the starter in ours, and it took us only 20 minutes! These directions are correct except for like I stated, there are three bolts instead of two.


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The weight of a 1993 Buick Lesabre is approximately 3,340 lbs. The Lesabre has seating for six passengers to ride comfortably.

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