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Put the car on blocks, I use ramps because the car is a pain to jack up. Place a floor jack under the transmission oil pan, use a pice of wood or something that will go all the way across the pan. Don't jack directly on the pan with the jack, you can dent or bow in the pan and the would be bad. There are 2 bolts that hold the mount to the transmission and one the bolts the transmission to the cross member. unbolt all three, then using the jack you can jack the transmission up to gain enough clearance to remove the old one and install the new, the part only costs $13.00, I have broken a few. You may also have to remove the bolt from the exhaust bracket, I did not have to on mine.

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Q: How do you replace a transmission mount on a 1993 Pontiac Trans Am?
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What is a trans mount?

It's a transmission mount.

Where is the transmission mount located on a 1991 Nissan 240sx?

I know from expirience that the manual trans has two. One is called the right trans mount, near the motor, and the other is the rear trans mount located directly under the trans. You can use a pry bar the lift up on the trans and see if the mount is broken. the rear mount is about fifty bucks, and is easy to replace, its mounted with only four or five bolts.

How to repair a Transmission Mount?

Replace it.

Trans mount on a 1984 k10 pick up how do you tell the right from left?

There is only one transmission mount and it is on the very back of the trans.

How do you replace a transmission mount on a 1991 Pontiac Firebird V8?

raise the car undo the nut on the bottom of the mount rais the tailshaft of tranny undo the 2 bolts that hold the mount to tranny remove mount. installation is opposite of removal

Install a transmission mount on 1989 Pontiac Bonneville?

i would rather not...

What can cause thumping sound when accelerating over 60 mph in a 78 Pontiac?

tire or wheel out of balance? broken mount on rear of transmission. I have seen where the threads for the bolts into the trans are ripped out.

How so I replace the transmission mount on a 93 Topaz?

It is really very simple. With the car on jacks, I assume you mean the front trans mount, it is round, so is the rear mount, support the engine and just start taking the bolts out that connect the mount. If you have air tools, this will help you with the job, but you can do it without. Once you have the mount in your hand, then just replace it with the new one, only fits one way, then tuck the mount back into place, and bolt to the frame and trans.

Why would a 2000 Pontiac Firebird transmission shift hard when driven for a while even after the filter and oil was changed?

1999 firebird doing the same thing... the trans has a support mount that has a piece of rubber that touches the trans to keep the trans stable. after time the rubber wears out and you will replace the trans mount. dont take it to the dealer it is costly and the part is around $40. you will have to raise the car up to exchange..Look under car to find the part its right between the bucket seats good luck

How many transmission mounts are there on a 1991 camaro rs and how to get to them?

I think there is only one. on the crossmember bar. support the trans, remove the crossmember and take the mount off and replace.

How do you change the transmission mount on a Chevrolet C1500 pickup?

Remove nut holding the trans mount to the crossmember jack trans up off of the crossmember then hand wrench bolts out of trans and reverse process.

How do you replace front transmission mount 2002 ford focus zx5 4 cylinder?

How to replace tranmission mount

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