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You need to get a repair manual for your Cavalier with a 2.4 L engine. The water pump is powered by the timing chain. the process is very involved. Disconnect the battery and save your code for the radio if equipped. It's a good idea to find top dead center for the #1 cylinder in case something goes wrong later. The car must be jacked up and put on jack stands. The exhaust pipe must be removed from the manifold, then exhaust manifold shield and the exhaust manifold itself must be removed. The inlet and outlet pipes from the water pump can then be disconnected and removed. Then remove engine mounts by suspending the engine or placing a large block of wood under the oil pan before jacking the engine to relieve the weight. Remove the drive belt, remove the engine mount bracket, remove the balance wheel with a puller that uses bolts that screw into the balance wheel. These puller bolts are 7mm fine thread. Then remove the timing chain cover, 28 small bolts. Temporal put the balance wheel bolt in to the turn the engine until the small circle marks on the crank shaft align with the mark on the block. The key stock should point upward. Put 2 8mm bolts in the intake exhaust holes so nothing can move. The timing chain tensioner must be removed or the water pump would become jammed in the timing chain housing. You can then remove the water pump cover and the water pump.

You need to use a repair manual for this job or serious engine damage could result.

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Q: How do you replace a water pump on a 97 cavalier 2.4 Liter engine you have the bolts off to the pump Which is not easy to find but do you have to take off the timing belt also?
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