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I am still finishing up swapping my alternator from my 1990 Honda CRX Si (driveway job w/ jack stands) and hands down the easiest way I was able to get the old alternator out was exactly as one of the other people said....

- Jack the car up

- Remover the drivers wheel

- Remove the 3 plastic bolts and the plastic piece

- Unplug all the wires/ground/harnesses attached to the alternator so it is ready to be removed

- Remove all the bolts holding the alternator in place

- Then the key REMOVE THE ALTERNATOR MOUNT piece. It is only the two bolts that you can access as soon as you get the alternator off the mount.

Once you get the mount bracket off the alternator just comes right out of the wheel well.

I just pulled off my alternator and wiggled it out the top of the engine by removing the cooling hose. :)

I have a 1990 CRX and I have been able to do this on 3 separate occations, including last week. Do not know if this works on the SI model, I have the standard model. Just try it once before you jack your car up and remove anything from the underbelly. Take the alternator off and wiggle it horizontaly to the passangers side of the engine compartment. Take off the engines cooling hose and block the holes (2 minutes at most). Now pull the alternator up the back left side of the engine block. It is that easy for me...wish you all the best.

Pull your driver's side wheel off and unscrew the plastic well pieces. You can just unscrew the 3 plastic bolts and rotate the plastic wheel well piece out of the way. This gives easier access to the alternator. Remove the alternator from the mounting bracket and let rest in the engine compartment while you remove the mounting bracket from the engine block. This will give just enough room to remove the alternator through the wheel well without removing the drive shaft. No need to go out the top and remove the master cylinder. And I know this works, I did it last night.

The easiest way is to remove the master cylinder, yeah you'll have to bleed your brake system but it's better than removing the axle.

you gotta hold your mouth right!you can 'cheat' the alternator out of the engine bay from the top. you have to unbolt the brake master cylinder from the booster and GENTLY move it away from the engine. If your car is an Si model there is a sensor on the intake manifold that you need to unplug for a little more clearance. Disconnect the alternator and work it out of the cavity, being very careful with your brake m/c and the sensor you unplugged. It's not impossible but it helps to have an extra set of hands when you are working the alternator out and back in. I've done this several times myself.

Yes, take the front drivers side wheel off,you should see the alternator. Loosen it up so you can undo the belt take it off and unblot the alternator. DONT forget to unplug the wiring attachment form the harness and you need to take a bolt off that keeps the metal off a wire touching the alternator, after this you should be goodto put a new one in , basically follow those steps and you should have no problems puttin the new alternator in. GOOD LUCK!!!


No offends. i have never have to remove anything to get the alternator out. i have owned 7 crx in the past, hf, si. u name it. i have a 1.8 dohc non vtec 95 integra engine in the crx, and alternator pulley a 1/4inch away from the firewall. i still able to get it out. right now i driving a 90 Crx Si, with a JDM b16a (1.6 Dohc vtec same engine from a 1999 Honda civic Si) i still able to pull alternator from the bottom. well i guess may be it have the stock black plastic cover on the bottom. all u have to do un bolt it, un plug the green plug. un screw the cable, then take it out from the bottom, i can't remember over the axle from the front or the back(oh yeah! my axle are twice thicker then stock crx axle), i haven't change mine for awhile but u can get it out from the bottom. If u looking at it from the top, yeah look like it won't come out, but it will. good luck buddy.


On my 1991 Honda CRX HF the **ONLY** way to get the alternator out is:

1.) Unmount alternator.

2.) Remove the two nuts holding the master cylinder to the brake power booster.

3.) DO NOT remove the brake lines from the brake master cylinder!! This is NOT required.

4.) With one hand, pull the master cylinder forward slightly and gently move the master cylinder just slightly to one side as you pull (with the other hand) the alternator past the gap you've opened up. You only need to move the master cylinder at most 1 inch to make room to pass the alternator. You don't have to move the master cylinder very much so removing the brake lines is not required.


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Q: How do you replace an alternator in a 1990 Honda CRX without tearing out the axle or breaking the brackets or breaking the alternator?
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