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the first thing you do is pull the engine out and then replace them Actually you don't need to pull the motor.

Jack up the car and put it on stands and NOT cinder blocks. Locate the leaking freeze plug. Remove whatever is in the way of it such as the starter or engine mount. Remove the old plug and it will require a special tool to install the new one.

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Q: How do you replace freeze plug on a 88 Chevy Caprice?
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Is there a freeze plug on a 1991 Chevy Caprice?

Yes, several.

Mechanic cost to replace a freeze plug on a Chevy elcamino?

how much does a mechanic charge to replace a freeze plug on a chevy el camino 8.0

How do you replace freeze plug 1999 Ford Taurus?

How do you replace freeze plug 1999 Ford Taurus?

Replace freeze plug on a 1998 ford Windstar?

Replace freeze plug in a 1998 ford windstar ?

What to do if my freeze plug on my Chevy 305 motor leaks that's in my 79 Chevy El Camino?

Replace the freeze plugs.... All of them. Chances are if one has rotted through, the others aren't far behind.

Freeze plug location 1996 Chevy lumina 3.1 V6?

Where is the freeze plug. On a 1996 lumina3.1v6

Where are the freeze plug located at?

where is the freeze plug located on a 1992 Chevy beretta and I need a picture on it also

What is the spark plug firing order on a 88 Chevy Caprice?


Installing freeze plug 1999 Chevy Malibu?

freeze plug location 9 9 chevey Malibu

How do you replace a freeze plug in a 1995 Ford Aerostar?

take a large screw driver and a hammer tap the old freeze plug in the block,replace it with a rubber freeze plug.tighten the rubber freeze plug with a wrench..the metal freeze plug that you pushed inside the block will not hurt anything..hope this helps!!!!

What is spark plug gapping for a 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic?

should be .035

Where is the freeze-plug located at on a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo?

the car is smoking on the left side is it the freeze plug?

454 Chevy freeze plug location?

there is not just 1 freeze or (soft) plug, there is about 8 give or take a few

How do you change a freeze plug on a 1983 chevy s10?

well one way i have done it was to drill a small hole in the center of the freeze plug ,then use a threaded auto sheet metal dent puller .screw it into the drilled hole and use the slide hammer to pop it out.clean the opening real good on the block and replace the freeze plug by finding a impact socket that fits snugly in the plug.use the socket to hammer in the new plug into the block ,just do it slowly and straight and also dont knock it in to far because it want seal right .heck it worked for me doing it this on a 72 chevy caprice with a 350 engine.hope this helps you

How to change antifreeze in a 2000 Chevy Malibu ls?

Place something beneath the radiator to catch the anti-freeze. Remove the radiator drain plug. Allow the anti-freeze to drain completely out. Replace the drain plug to its original position. Fill the system with new anti-freeze.

How much would it cost to replace a freeze plug on a 1993 cutlass?

It would depend on which freeze plug. Some are easy and some are not.

How do you replace rear freeze plug on V6 Chevy?

You will either have to remove the transmission are pull the engine out. It is what ever you think will be the easest for you. Then just knock the plug out, clean the hole with sand paper and drive the new one back in with a hammer and a socket that will fit in the freeze plug. Then put it all back together. There are 2 plugs in the back of the engine, replace both of them. You will see 1 plug in the center of the back of the block that is not a freeze plug, it is a cam plug do not bother that unless it is leaking engine OIL. Leave it alone.

Which way do you turn to loosen oil drain plug on a 1980 Chevy caprice?

Counter clockwise

How do you remove a freeze plug Chevy?

Punch it in then pull it out with whatever means.

Where is freeze plug located on Chevy 350?

There isn't just ONE freeze plug; there are many, and they're all in the "water jacket" surrounding the cylinders.

Why does your 350 leak antifreeze behind motor mount?

There is a freeze out plug behind it that seals the water jacket up. REPLACE freeze plug.

Where is the freeze plug on a 91' Chevy beretta gt?

i have a 1994 Chevy beretta and they are under the engine

How do you change the freeze plug in a 1979 Chevy C10?

take a punch or chisel and pop the old one out the take a socket the size of the freeze plug and hammer it in

Where is the passenger's side rear freeze plug for a 2006 trailblazer?

The 2006 Chevy Trailblazer passenger side rear freeze plug is located near the back of the engine block. The freeze plug will be near the bottom of the engine block.

How do you replace a freeze plug in your 1992 Chevy?

The hardest part of the job is GETTING TO the freeze plug. Depending on which one is leaking, sometimes you need to pull quite a bit of stuff just to get to the freeze plug. You need to be able to examine it and have clear access to the freeze plug and if it's one of the rear plugs (under the flywheel), you're only option is to pull the engine and/or transmission. Once you can get to it, just drive a screwdriver or other sharp object through the freeze plug and pry it out. Clean the block around the freeze plug then install one of the aftermarket types, preferably one that allows you to tighten a bolt to install it. You'll have trouble getting an original type freeze plug to seal if you don't have the engine block sitting on a workbench. Any time you have an engine machined, always replace the freeze plugs.