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How do you replace head gaskets on a 91 V8 camaro 5.0 automatic?

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1. disconnect battery & drain coolant
2. remove distributor, fuel injection, upper hose, misc cables & wires on top of intake manifold.
3. remove brackets that mount to intake manifold, remove valve covers.
4. remove intake manifold
5. remove spark plugs, remove exhaust manifolds
6. remove rocker arms & pushrods.
7. remove head bolts, remove heads.
8. clean & inspect block deck surface, inspect piston tops and cylinder walls, clean head bolt threads.
9. you should have heads reconditioned, and definitely resurface them.
10. install new head gaskets (right side up), put sealant on head bolt threads, install head bolts.
11. torque down head bolts in proper sequence to 60-65 ft lbs.
12. clean & install rocker arms, balls, pushrods & nuts.
13. Move #1 cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke, tighten down rockers on cylinder #1 to where the pushrod feels slight resistance from the rocker arm & lifter. Tighten down about 105 degrees (12 o'clock to 4 o'clock)
14. repeat for each cylinder in the firing order
15. install new intake gaskets, seal around the water ports with silicone, install intake manifold.
16. move motor to TDC on #1 compression stroke, install & set distributor to #1 cylinder.
17. install fuel injection, cables, hoses. fill radiator with coolant.
18. Install exhaust gaskets & manifolds, install spark plugs & wires.
19. Put some oil across rocker arms, reinstall valve covers.
20. Reinstall accessory brackets, reconnect battery.
20. Start motor & set timing. top off coolant as needed. the motor will smoke as the gaskets seal & the residual oil on the exhaust manifolds burn off.

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1995 camaro running hot blowing head gaskets replace gaskets but still running hot lots of pressure in radiator?

Your heads are probably warped from overheating. have them checked out by a machine shop. Sometimes they can machine them back to flat, but you might have to replace them.

Where are instructions for repairing a head gasket leak?

Replace the head gaskets.

What should you replace while replacing head gasket?

For sure, replace ALL the gaskets involved. When you purchase, ask for a head gasket set and you will get all the gaskets that are used.

Do you have to remove motor to replace head gaskets on a 2000 impala?


How do you Replace head gaskets 2.7liter Chrysler engine?

In short you have to take the head off, replace the gasket/s and replace the head. You best bring it to a pro.

Is it better to repair head gaskets or replace the engine?

if the miles on the engine aren't too high, then just replace the head gaskets. if the whole engine is tired go ahead and swap out the motor. its a lot cheaper to do the gaskets then to buy a new motor.

1988 Camaro Oil going into cooling system?

probably head gaskets are f*cked or a cracked head. either way its not good.

How much to replace head gaskets on Ford Escape?

9 Hundred

Are intake gaskets and head gaskets the same thing?

intake gaskets are between the head and intake. head gaskets are between the head and the block..

How long does it take to replace head gaskets on 99 Montana?

half hour

1979 Camaro how much do you think it will cost to replace blown head gaskets?

Depends if the heads are cracked or not. Typically $50+ for the gaskets (intake & head)... $200 if you ned the heads reconditioned... $60 if you need the heads resurfaced only... More if you need a replacement for a cracked head... Plus labor to R&R the intake & heads, readjust valves, add coolant, set timing, etc.

What to do for blown head gaskets for 3.8 engine?

Remove the head, Grind it flat and replace it using a new gasket.

How many hours to replace head gaskets on a 2002 Chevroloet Astro?

probably 10.

How long does it take to replace head gaskets on 2000 Chevy silverado 5.3L?


Should you replace head gaskets during intake gasket repair?

No reason to if the intake gasket is the only problem you have. If engine was running smooth and was not overheated then there is no reason to fool with the HEAD gaskets

What are some common problems with a 1998 subaru legacy outback awd?

Head gaskets, head gaskets, head gaskets

If you need to replace the head gaskets on a 1999 Pontiac Montana do you need to replace the exhaust manifold gaskets also?

it would be best because you could tear the old ones while removing them.

How do you Replace head gasket Chevy Suburban?

what is the preceger for replacing the head gaskets on a 1993 chevy suburban 4x4 350

Daewoo Lunganza 2000cost to replace water pump cam gear timing belt head and gaskets?

Head was redrilled

How do you repair blown head gaskets?

You cannot repair a blown head gasket, you must remove the heads and replace the gasket.

How do you replace Chevy 454 head gaskets?

Remove carburator then intake manifold then cylinder heads

Rm 125 has had rebore and piston kit put in has no compresion?

replace the cylinder gasket and check for cracks and replace the head gaskets

How long head gaskets are supposed to last with proper care?

Head gaskets are supposed to last the life of the engine. There is no "care" specific to head gaskets.

What does it cost to replace head gaskets on 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

I have a 2002 Olds Silhouette and had to replace the head gasket set 2 years ago. It raun around $1,700.00

How do you replace blown head gaskets out of 1997 Chevy Camaro?

are you sure its just a blown head gasket?... if heads are warped due to overheating replacing the gasket wont help you will need new heads as well. You can get a Haynes Manual or Chiltons, they will give you step by step guidance on replacing your gasket.