How do you replace head gaskets on the 2.5 turbo diesel engine on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee European spec?

In the process of doing my head gasket as well, i have had the same thing happen i cracked two of my cylinder heads, i have just got another two and had them pressure checked before we put them back on, i found price not to bad �175 for the two cylinderheads, that was from (2nd hand Jeep parts), if you go to jeep there about �270 each. It is a VM (boat) engine so there are four separate cylinder heads you will need to get checked for cracks and then the gasket now comes as one gasket rather than four separate ones. I have been told that you can reuse the head bolts again once as there not stretch bolts. Someone will disagree though. I Have had so many different opinions from different places. If you find jeep prices quite alot, have alook in the back of 4X4 magazines. Good luck, Sorry can't be of more help but then i am a girl!

There is a separate head for each cylinder. Mine overheated and two of the cylinder heads cracked and had to be replaced, I'd have the heads pressure tested before I replaced the gaskets, just in case. I got a garage to do it, mechanic said it was a straightforward job but heads were v expensive. Sorry can't be of more help.