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How do you replace ignition switch in a 97 GMC Sierra Help?



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how do you replace the ignition switch on a 97 gmc sierra 4.3 ltr. c1500 v6?

I read this on Wikipiedia and did not believe it until I did it. My ignition stuck, key would not turn, had to have it towed home. Before I stated to tear it apart, I check to see if anyone had a run down on taking the tumbler out. I read a few and then spotted this one that said, "put you key in the ignition and whack it hard with a small two by four". I though, what the hell, it's going to take 3 hours to pull all this stuff out and to put it back, why not? Went out to the truck with all my tools and a small two by four. Stuck the key in the ignition, smacked it hard three or four times. It turn like a dream. I want to add that I had sprayed WD 40 into the lock about 6 hours before. It seems that it helps the key pins drop back into place.