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Under the back seat butt cushion there's two little black tabs. Pull those out. They will be hard to get out so you might want to use pliers or something. Then lift the butt chushion out. Next look under the backrest and you'll see two screws. Unscrew them and lift the backrest straight up and then take it out. After this you need to get the small black caps out of the dash. Use pliers or something to wedge in between the dash and cap to get it out. Be careful not to cut the caps though, it's thin plastic. Last, you lift up the dash, unplug and pull out the old speakers, and plug in and fit the new ones.

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Q: How do you replace rear speakers on 1990 Toyota Corolla?
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A 1990 Toyota Corolla.

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Yes it is!

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she not worth it - will cost you more than new corolla

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how do i replace a power steering pump in a 1990 toyota camry?

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Dealer or paint shops.

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stock is 13" diameter is 165

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Does a 1990 Toyota Corolla have a timing belt?

Yes, it has a belt that must be replaced every 60,000 miles.