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how do i replace a drivers side mirror on a 200 Toyota Camry?

I just replaced the right side mirror on a 2000 Toyota Camry. It is attached to the car with 3 bolts. Open the car door and one of the 3 bolts is easily seen by removing a round plastic cover on the bolt screw. This is easily done by hand. There is a 10mm nut on the thread which can then by unscrewed. The other two bolts are inside of the triangular inside panel forward of the side door window. The car I worked on had a small speaker in this panel. The panel has a hinge clip on the bottom and is just pushed in at the top. To remove it, pry the panel open by inserting a screwdriver underneath the top point of the triangle and separate it from the door frame. Be gentle and go deep enough not to break the plastic , but it will then just pop loose. Then the two other bolts and their nuts will be visible.

Remove the two remaining nuts holding the mirror on to the car. Also remove the electrical connector which attaches to the motor in the mirror. This may be a little difficult because of the locking knob on the connector. I used a small screwdriver to open that up a little.

Now the outside mirror can be removed and the new mirror assembly replaced in the three holes. If the side panel has a speaker, the speaker bracket should be placed onto the bolts before the nuts are screwed onto the bolts. After all the nuts are tightened and the electrical connector is reinserted, the triangular plastic panel can be replaced. Line up the hinge clip at the bottom of the panel with the hole in the frame at the bottom, push it in at the top and it will snap in place again. The round cover for the exposed bolt is pressed in place on that bolt and the job is finished. Adjust the mirror.

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Q: How do you replace side mirror for 2000 Toyota Camry?
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