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How do you replace text data with random characters?

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The new released software "Replace Pioneer" can support your requirement: If you want to replace charactor 'e' to a random charactor: Open "Replace dialog"

1) enter search text: e

2) enter replace with: "".chr(ord('a')+int(rand(26)))

Click "Replace". That's ok. "search text" will be replaced by "swarch tuxt" or something else. Download address of Replace Pioneer is Replace Pioneer experts in special tasks that regular replace tools cannot reach.

Given any input text, you can get any output text base on your own rule. Following are more examples: 1. Change all the word 'apple' to plural format unless leaded by one or 1.

2. Merge every 2 lines(or more) into one line.

3. Find out and remove all words which have 5 charactors.

4. Change first charactor of each sentence to upper case.

5. Remove all lines which do not contain words 'test' or 'start' or 'end'.

6. Do a math calcuation on every number appeared in the text.

7. Find and highlight all words not exist in another file.

8. Count the frequency of charactors a,b,c,d,...z, or ab,ac,ad,..., or any user defined format.

9. Convert a text file from any encoding(such as UNICODE) to any encoding.

10. Cut a line into many lines if the charactor number exceed 80.

11. Merge a lot of files into one file, add a title and time for each part.

12. Encrypt your source code, change all variable name to a randomized variable name.

13. Reverse all the even occuranced words: I like this software --> I ekil this erawtfos.

14. Make batch command for all files: filename --> rename filename filename.bak

15. A lot of other magic conversion ...

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Data type allowing characters?


What is text data in access?

The field can contain any characters. A maximum number of 255 characters is allowed in a field whose data type is Text.

Text that is in excess of 255 characters of alphanumeric data can be entered into this data type?

Short text

What data type can store up to 255 characters in Access?


What field data type can contain any characters?


A field whose data type is can contain any characters?


The maximum number of characters allowed in a field whose data type is text is 1024?

255 max for text

What is the name of the data type used to store long passages of data containing text and alphanumeric characters?


The Find and Replace dialog box in excel can be used to search for and replace?

It is normally used to replace text or other characters in a document.

What are differences between replace and substitute Microsoft Excel functions?

The Replace function replaces part of a text string, based on the number of characters you specify, with a different text string. The Substitute function substitutes newtext for old text in a text string. You use Substitute when you want to replace specific text in a text string and you use Replace when you want to replace any text that occurs in a specific location in a text string.

What type of data type can store a variable amount of text or combination of text and numbers where the total number of characters may exceed 255?


Data in a field whose data type is Text?

Text data

How do you open .cfg files on mac?

A configuration file (.cfg) is normally a text file that can be opened in any text editor such as TextEdit. Some software will create a configuration file that will comprise non alphanumeric characters and so will appear to be random characters.

What is an explanation of the file modes briefly?

Two file modes are "text" and "binary". Text is used for human readable data, such as a C source file, or a notepad text file. Binary is used for computer readable data, such as an executable object file. Two other file modes are "sequential" and "random". Sequential is used when the file is accessed serially, from the beginning to the end, and can be used for both text and binary files. Random is used when the file is accessed non-serially, often jumping around from place to place. An example of random is a database file.

Who does your text go when you type in a random name?

The random person associate with the random name.

How do you use the memo data type in Microsoft access?

The Memo data type is used like you would use the text data type in Mysql or Sql Server. It is a data type for large texts. In MS Access the Text data type can contain a maximum of 255 characters, for larger texts you use the Memo type.

Distinguish between Data mining and text mining?

mining the data is called data mining. Mining the text is called text mining

What is text data?

Text data is anything that consists of text, like names, addresses, nationality etc.

How can you get the line breaks to work when you retrieve data from MySQL to PHP?

In most raw (not formatted) text, such as the text in a simple HTML input element, new lines are denoted by a special "newline" character (commonly referred to as \n). When the text reaches this character, it pulls the text following it to the next line.For example, the string "hello\nworld" would actually appear as:helloworldWhen you submit and retrieve text data in MySQL, it preserves these newline characters as they were originally entered. When you print them onto an HTML page, you may notice that newline characters do not seem to "work" as you could expect them to. The previous string would actually appear as "helloworld", instead of being broken up into two lines.This is because the string is printed into the HTML source code as "hello\nworld". Browsers are supposed to ignore most whitespace and newlines, which would give us the resulting "helloworld".In HTML, new lines are created with the element. When pulling raw text data from MySQL, you will probably want to replace any occurrences of newline characters (which is the raw text's way of creating new lines) with the element (which is HTML's).A function exists which easily makes the replacements. It is the nl2br() function, which (simply put) accepts one string as an argument (the text data to replace newline characters) and returns a string (the text data with \n replaced as ).Example:$string_taken_from_mysql = 'hello \n\n hello';echo nl2br($string_taken_from_mysql);?>Outputs:hellohello

What is difference between memo and Text datatype?

text is a default data type that allows and support any kind of data character digit and special character it store alphanumeric values up to 255 characters a memo store data up to 2GB and it has maximum length of 65,536 character notes

What is text data in Microsoft Word?

Text data is the actions that computers performed e.g on Microsoft word 'using word art' would be text data.

What is Data in a cell - text or numbers?

Both text and numbers are kinds of data.

Why are text messages limited to 160 characters?

Friedhelm Hillebrand, experimented with number of characters around 1985. He tried random sentences and questions and then counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces. It seemed to always come short of 160 characters. Not sure if that would be enough he tried comparing it to other things and sure enough text found on postcards at that time was averaging on 150 characters.

Which type of data is non-numerical?

Non numerical data includes :String or Text sentencesCharacters : a single character like 'c' or '1' or '$'Objects : which consist of other basic types of data, but are not numerical themselves

What is the maximum number of characters a text field can store in Microsoft access?

32,767 characters in a standard text field.