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How do you replace text data with random characters?


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October 26, 2007 7:55AM

The new released software "Replace Pioneer" can support your requirement: If you want to replace charactor 'e' to a random charactor: Open "Replace dialog"

1) enter search text: e

2) enter replace with: "".chr(ord('a')+int(rand(26)))

Click "Replace". That's ok. "search text" will be replaced by "swarch tuxt" or something else. Download address of Replace Pioneer is Replace Pioneer experts in special tasks that regular replace tools cannot reach.

Given any input text, you can get any output text base on your own rule. Following are more examples: 1. Change all the word 'apple' to plural format unless leaded by one or 1.

2. Merge every 2 lines(or more) into one line.

3. Find out and remove all words which have 5 charactors.

4. Change first charactor of each sentence to upper case.

5. Remove all lines which do not contain words 'test' or 'start' or 'end'.

6. Do a math calcuation on every number appeared in the text.

7. Find and highlight all words not exist in another file.

8. Count the frequency of charactors a,b,c,d,...z, or ab,ac,ad,..., or any user defined format.

9. Convert a text file from any encoding(such as UNICODE) to any encoding.

10. Cut a line into many lines if the charactor number exceed 80.

11. Merge a lot of files into one file, add a title and time for each part.

12. Encrypt your source code, change all variable name to a randomized variable name.

13. Reverse all the even occuranced words: I like this software --> I ekil this erawtfos.

14. Make batch command for all files: filename --> rename filename filename.bak

15. A lot of other magic conversion ...