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Microsoft Access is a database management system. Part of the Microsoft Office suite, Access can be used to edit data stored in various database formats, such as SQL (multiple varieties), Oracle, Excel, XML, etc. Questions about this software and how to use it belong here.

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What is the purpose of a form in access?

A form is a simple way to display data for a number of users. Setting up a form correctly can increase the speed users work at.

Microsoft Access

When and where the MS access developed?


In November 1992, Microsoft launched The Microsoft Access version 1.0. Then in May 1993 they launched a newer version Access1.1 which had an improved compatibility with the other products of Microsoft. Later they introduced the Access v2.0 which required MS Windows v3.1 having 4MB RAM space and 8MB space on the hard disk. As the Windows95, 98 and ME became obsolete and newer improved versions came into market, the Access database system was also modified for better workability. With the introduction of MS Office 95, MS Access95 also joined the MS Office Professional Suite along with Excel, Word and PowerPoint. With improvement in technology over the years, Microsoft Office programs were also modified and so did the MS Access. The consecutive release of modified versions includes Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2002, Access 2003 and Access 2007.

Microsoft Access

What is the importance of data validation?

Data validation is important, because it ensures the usefulness of your data. There are many examples of situations where a lack of data validation lessens the usefulness of the database.

Imagine a webshop database that would allow you to enter a new customer without an address. You would be unable to ship goods to such a customer.

Imagine that the same webshop database stores the country of residence of its customers. If the database doesn't enforce a certain input pattern on this data you will end up different with values for the same country, like USA, US, United States and The United States Of America. This makes it impossible, or at least much harder to extract information like how much customers from the United States have used your webshop, and how many from India..

And what would happen if your database didn't check the minimum length of a phone number? You might end up with a lot of people you can't reach.

These examples are all about actual data, but database can validate more than just data. They can also validate relationships. A database can, for example, prevent a user or program from entering a new order in the Orders table if it is not related (by a key) to an existing customer from the Customers table. Because, where would you send the order if it wasn't tied to an existing customer?

As you can see from these examples, data validation is of great importance to a useful database.

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What do companies use queries for?

Using Microsoft Access as a basic example, there are four basic items in a database. Tables--hold data; Queries--sort data; Forms--enter/view data; Reports--display data.

So, if we have a table with a list of people (Last Name, First Name, City, State) and we want to find all records of people from Wisconsin, we create a Query. If I want to find all people with the last name of Smith, I create a query. The table only holds the data, the form and report display data, but the query is where you (or the database programmer) gives the end user the ability to filter data.

When you submit a search term to your favorite search engine, the results are a filtered query of all websites (data) available using the term you input.

When you ask everybody in a room who has a birthday in June to raise a hand, you queried the people. A company can use a query of birthdays of your stored friends to send you a discount on flowers.

Microsoft Access

Characteristics of ms access?

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What is query expunge?

It means that the mailbox can not be extended and that the calculated size of

the mailbox *after* expunging is larger than its current size. The

addition of mailbox and message meta data is greater than the message data

removed in deleted messages.

Microsoft Access

What is the most user friendly database software?

Finding database software that is user-friendly is critical to the success of any project. Some of the more popular and easy-to-learn software products are FileMaker, Intuit QuickBase, and Microsoft Access.

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Why would you interchange word access and Excel?

Because you want to use excel as input of data (for instance from different teams or users), access as database and word to create reports (by using templates and insert data via bookmarks).

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Only one record exists with this information?

Unique identifier

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How could you set the selections available in a Microsoft Access form combo box to be dependent on the selection made in a previous combo box?

I haven't used Microsoft Access in a while but I think you would have to modify the action properties of the combo box (i.e. you select choice 1 from the first combo box, then choices a,b and c appear in the second combo box).

In the second combo box's row source property add a reference to the first combo box in the criteria section of the field that matches the first combo box.

For example, if the first combo box is bound to the field Table1ID, and combo box 2 is going to use that value to select records to display, based on records that match combo box 2's table's FKField value, then you would:

a) go into the Combo Box 2 row source

b) add the table's FKField (or whatever it's called) to the query (unless it's already there)

c) and in the criteria row under the FKField, add:


(replace the above names with the specific names; you can also use the expression builder to get that expression).

d) Then, in Combo Box 1's AfterUpdate event, add the following lines of code:

Me.ComboBox2 = Requery Me.ComboBox2 = Null

And that should do it. Hope that help

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Advantages of query optimization?

1. Faster processing of query

2. Lesser cost per query

3. High performance of the system

4. Lesser stress on the database

5. Efficient usage of database engine

6. Lesser memory is consumed

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How many types of data are there?


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What is compound criteria in queries?

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How do you create a query without using a wizard in access?

Use the Design method. You can then select the fields you want and the criteria you want and whatever other details you need. Once you learn to use it, using Design rather than the wizard will enable you to create better queries.

Microsoft Access

What is Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime engine?

It is a 'crippled' version of MS Access 2000 that can be freely distributed. It does not allow any design-related actions. The MS Office developer provides the runtime and a 'package and deployment' wizard so that you can distribute your applications without requiring additional licenses.

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What is a unique identifier in Access?

Primary key

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Difference between text field and memo field?

Memo fields can store up to 1 gigabyte of characters or 2 gigabytes of storage (2 bytes per character), of which you can display 65,535 characters in a control on a form or report. In addition, you can now apply rich-text formatting to the data in a Memo field. For example, you can set colours, change fonts, and make data bold or italic. Fields of memo data type cannot be grouped while filtering and it is not possible to sort them however, they are searchable. It is not possible to add a look up property to a memo field. It is also not possible to set an input mask to a memo field meaning that the user can input data however they want without an input mask to guide them as to what format to input the data in.

Text field are for plain text or combinations of text and numbers, such as addresses. Also numbers that do not require calculations, such as phone numbers, part numbers, or postal codes. Text fields may store up to a maximum of 255 characters. Microsoft Access only stores the characters entered in a field; it does not store space characters for unused positions in a Text field. To control the maximum number of characters that can be entered, set the Field Size property. You can and should define a width, but Access doesn't use fixed width storage so is not as wasteful of disk space. Text fields may have look up properties to link them to other fields if necessary.

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How can you connect to a database such as Oracle or Access in C?

U need to find the DRIVER for C language that will connect to Oracle or Access Database and then access that driver through C program.

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Why would you not be able to print color documents in Microsoft 2002 Publisher if it used to print in color?

First, check that your printer's Color ink cartridge actually hasn't gone dry. Many printers use separate cartridges for black and colors. Even if the cartridges are new, the nozzles could be clogged. Check your printer for a "cleaning" feature or method. Second, if the above doesn't work or you have good, new cartridges, check the printers properties page under windows Start / Printers and right-click your printer's icon, choose PROPERTIES. Make sure you don't have "Greyscale" or "black and white" chosen as the default print option.

Microsoft Access

What is a parameter query?

a parameter query is a query that prompts the user to enter specific criteria every time the query is run. When building the query, you would enter the prompt in the criteria line under the field you want the information to be filtered from. For example, if you wanted to look at items that sold on a specific date each time you ran the query, your criteria line would look like this: [enter date of sale] So when you ran the query, before your results even appeared, a parameter box would pop up telling you "enter date of sale", the user would enter the date and then the filtered criteria of the query results will show.

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Is Microsoft Access a spreadsheet software?

No, Microsoft Access is a flatfile database program. Microsoft Excel would be an example of a spreadsheet program.

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What is the difference between design view and data sheet view?

Design view shows the field and their types and other properties, but not the data. You can make changes to the design of the table there. Datasheet view shows you the actual data and you can change the data in it, but not the design of the table.

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Where are databases used mostly?

Databases are used to store data also providing modification & retrieval of data in an efficient manner. Databases is used everywhere like in Railways, Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Business , Shopping Malls etc. Database helps us to manage the data efficiently and in a easy manner.

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How do you replace text data with random characters?

The new released software "Replace Pioneer" can support your requirement: If you want to replace charactor 'e' to a random charactor: Open "Replace dialog"

1) enter search text: e

2) enter replace with: "".chr(ord('a')+int(rand(26)))

Click "Replace". That's ok. "search text" will be replaced by "swarch tuxt" or something else. Download address of Replace Pioneer is Replace Pioneer experts in special tasks that regular replace tools cannot reach.

Given any input text, you can get any output text base on your own rule. Following are more examples: 1. Change all the word 'apple' to plural format unless leaded by one or 1.

2. Merge every 2 lines(or more) into one line.

3. Find out and remove all words which have 5 charactors.

4. Change first charactor of each sentence to upper case.

5. Remove all lines which do not contain words 'test' or 'start' or 'end'.

6. Do a math calcuation on every number appeared in the text.

7. Find and highlight all words not exist in another file.

8. Count the frequency of charactors a,b,c,d,...z, or ab,ac,ad,..., or any user defined format.

9. Convert a text file from any encoding(such as UNICODE) to any encoding.

10. Cut a line into many lines if the charactor number exceed 80.

11. Merge a lot of files into one file, add a title and time for each part.

12. Encrypt your source code, change all variable name to a randomized variable name.

13. Reverse all the even occuranced words: I like this software --> I ekil this erawtfos.

14. Make batch command for all files: filename --> rename filename filename.bak

15. A lot of other magic conversion ...


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