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How do you replace the alternator on a 1970 GMC K1500 truck 350 small block?


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first what i do is take pictures of the wires and the bracket then u take off the wires from the back of the alternator make sure u know where they go then take off the 2 bolts holding on the alternator.
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No they stoped making the 400 SB in 1981

It is on the back of the alternator, Disconnect the Battery first!. There is a small module on the back of alternator remove and replace.

replace the engine with a small block chev

the thermostat is located behind the alternator on the front of your engine block. you might need to remove the alternator unless you have small hands then just squeeze in there with either a hex wrench or socket and open the plastic housing up and pull the old thermostat out and replace it with the new thermostat and gasket.

the door hinges are welded so you have to use a small hammer and small punch to tap out the pins that look like big nails.

Some do, some don't. The distributor, starter and alternator fit, the water pump does not. The mounting brackets are all different.

Left side on front of motor. Follow the battery cable and it will lead you right to it.

Yes, assuming you're running a small block. If you're running a turbocharged engine or a big block (e.g., the 454SS pickup), the torque of that engine will greatly exceed what the transmission is rated for.

On older models, it was usually on the core support or inner fender. From the early 70's it was inside the alternator.

That would be a small block.

the alternator is removed from below and there is three bolts (10 mm socket) that need removed. one of these bolts is on the other side of alternator. use a small mirror to see this bolt. Don't forget to disconnect battery!!!

You remove four bolts from alternator taking off all hoses and remembering where you took off bolt plates(small plates that screws go into). You then remove three bolts on passenger side of alternator. Take off drive belt. You will have to replace it. You will use the tension pulley to replace the belt. It takes a little force.


Since shortly after the invention of the Alternator, most vehicle manufacturers have implemented a regulator INSIDE the alternator. Solid state regulators are small and relatively inexpensive and it's generally recommended that if the alternator fails, just replace brushes, bearings, regulator and diodes... which is pretty much what you get with a QUALITY rebuilt alternator.

On the 3.2L V6 disconnect the battery, then disconnect the wire and the wireharness plug from the back of the alternator. You have to reach them from the passenger side wheel well. Loosen the bolt (14 mm) that holds the alternator to the bottom of the power steering pump bracket. Loosen the small adjusting bolt ( 10 mm ) located under the vehicle on the right hand side of the alternator that points out to the right. Take off the belt. ( Check it for wear you might want to change it out as well ). Remove the bolt (12mm) that holds the small metal block that the 10mm adjusting bolt was threaded into. Remove the top bolt ( that 14mm one ) and pull the alternator out through the wheel well.

A 350 is a small block and all the engine parts are small. The 454 is a big block and everything is big. Nothing will interchange.

No. The 302 is a small block only. However, the 351, came as a Windsor, or small block, and a Cleveland, which was a big block...

Chrysler 383 is a big block. The Chevy 383, is a de stroked 400, small block.

Actually the complete distributor will fit from the small block to the big block.

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