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How do you replace the alternator on a 1985 GMC truck?


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2008-01-14 01:00:26
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it is recommended that inexperienced people consult a mechanic when performing any type of vehicle maintenance.

to replace an alternator you will need

-replacement alternator

-sockets and wrenches


once you have everything, you can begin. whenever working on any electrical car component, it is important to disconnect the battery. You do not need to disconnect the positive terminal, only the negative. the reason for this is that the entire engine is connected to the negative side, allowing components such as spark plugs to have only a positive wire connecting to them.

after the battery is safely disconnected, removal of the alternator is a simple matter of removing 2 bolts, 2 wires, and pulling it out. after that, simply reverse the process to install the new alternator.

it may be necessary to remove other hoses or components in order to create a space large enough to get the alternator through. if this is the case, just be sure to replace the removed parts.


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first what i do is take pictures of the wires and the bracket then u take off the wires from the back of the alternator make sure u know where they go then take off the 2 bolts holding on the alternator.

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