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How do you replace the alternator on a 1991 Audi 100?


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2011-09-12 20:53:17
2011-09-12 20:53:17

It's easy Dissconnect battery.Dissconnect wires from back.Dissconnect air pipe the little nuts(8mm)may need replacing. lossen off the top bolts a tad these act as the hinge. Remove the adjustment plate thing note the coged bolt this lets you get tension into the belt without using a lever as on other cars. Remove the top bolts and it drops free. next clamp the cooling fins in a vice(they may bend a little) so as to remove the pully wheel.On new alternator fit pully and fan,ensure fins are straight tap with hammmer if not, then fit. Best use new belt and lightly grease all bolts


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The cost to replace the alternator in a Honda Odyssey will depend on where it is purchased and installed. The average cost of an alternator is between $100 and $150.

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NO. The headlight assemblies were changed starting with the 1992 models.

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You can buy a Bosch rebuilt alternator from your auto supply store. Generally they cost around the $100 - $200 range.

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Was quoted $500 to replace the Alternator and battery yesterday (May 2009) which seems a little high (they wanted $100 for the battery and $20 to put it in so you can assume $380 parts and labour for the alternator I guess)

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