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1.disconnect the negative battery cable 2.Remove the serpentine drive belt. Use a wrench on the tensioner pully to remove belt. 3.Raise and support the vehicle. 4.Remove the right front wheel. 5.Remove the right wheel splash shield. It is two parts. 6.Remove alternator dust shield. Its attached with one bolt and one clip. 7.Remove the two sets of wires from the alternator. One has a clip to connect it to the alt. and one is bolted to the alt. be very gentle with the bolted one so you will not break the plastic insulator (especially during reinstallation) 8.Remove the upper and lower attaching bolts from the alt. The top bolt is easy to get to from the top of the car, the bolt is just below the power stearing unit. 9.remove the alt. through the wheel well opening. 10.To reinstall alternator, follow these steps in reverse.

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 1995 Saturn SC1?
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