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You have to remove the front quarter panel. Mine broke so I don't use the radio anymore and bought a satellite radio.

additional info: this is something that I did and did not have to remove the quarter panel. While I did not replace the old power antenna with the same (the cost seemed to me to be not worth it) the process is the same. Since the antenna is mounted on a sharply angled piece of body work none of the parts store antenni that I tried would sit at an upright angle so I bit the bullet and bought a dealer provided regular replacement so it would sit upright instead of leaning at a weird angle off the car. Vastly cheaper than the auto antenna option. Then, with the steering wheel turned fully right I removed the screws holding the plastic fender liner so that I could see up into the small space holding the defective auto antenna. This is a really small space but you CAN get in there with some Yankee ingenuity and remove the bolts and bracket that hold the old one in. Safety glasses are a good idea here as there is lots of dirt and dust up in there. The new antenna goes in much easier because it doesnt have the electric motor ect. Instead of running the new antenna lead to the radio which was a whole other box of worms I cut the existing lead inside that space and using Radio Shack connectors just created a new female connection on the antenna lead. While I did lose the fancy function of the power up and down antenna I can now listen to the radio and this single piece of steel stands up to low tree branches and car washes much better than the old hollow multi-segmented auto one ever did.

I have used the old antenna shaft and refitted it to mount on the old base. This is what I did. I did not want to spend the money for a new automatic antenna. My old shaft broke off near the base. I still had the old shaft. So I pulled the second section away from the first. This exposed a copper fitting inside the second section. (The second section also included the third and fourth sections). I simply rounded out this exposed copper fitting to slide over the broken section of antenna still remaining on the car. I rounded out the exposed section still remaining on the car by using a pair of plyers and eye-balling it. So now the radio works and receives all stations, the antenna does not retract but is stationary (even though the automatic antenna motor still works), and the repair fix cost me nothing ($0.00). When I go to a car wash, I get out and take off the three section of antenna. Then replace it when the car is clean. Hope this might help.

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Q: How do you replace the automatic antenna on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited?
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1992 Jeep Cherokee Limited; how remove and replace failed automatic radio antenna?

I was able to remove the existing power antenna on my '92 Cherokee through the wheel well. You have to remove three of the nuts attaching the plastic to the fender as well as pull out two plastic plugs. Pull back the plastic and you will see the power antenna right there. Good luck, Woody

How do you replace an antenna on a 98 Jeep Cherokee?

The antenna mast screws into the antenna mount on the fender. Unscrew the old one and crew in the new one. If you need to replace the entire antenna mount, you will need a new antenna mount assembly with antenna cable.

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How do you replace the old antenna mast on a power antenna for a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Go to They have a replacement mast for the power antenna for $14.95 + shipping.

How do you replace the antenna on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

If it's power, remove it and replace it with a standard one. power antena = problems.

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How do you replace an Antenna on a 1990 Jeep Cherokee?

look uner the rear of the right front wheelwell. You should see a plastic cover with pushpins. Remove it and you should have access to the antenna.

How to unplug old antenna to replace with standard antenna?

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How to replace Jeep Cherokee antenna?

The antenna mast screws into the antenna mount on the fender. Unscrew the old one and crew in the new one. If you need to replace the entire antenna mount, you will need a new antenna mount assembly with antenna cable. Unscrew the antenna and then unscrew the antenna mount nut. Unfasten the mud guard in the wheel well enough to pull it aside and reach up to the antennae. Remove the kick panel to find where the cable enters the jeep.

How do you remove the power antenna motor and antenna from a 1998 4Runner Once this is done is it possible to install a euro style antenna?

I have a 98 4runner limited and It has a power antenna, I recently replaced the mast for it and it's pretty easy to replace the antenna it self. not sure about the euro ,but I know that it's pretty easy to take off the motor (if you can get under the panel) and just replace it with a normal antenna

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How do you replace automatic antenna on a 1990 Toyota Celica?

First, you must go into the trunk of the car and remove the left side panel beside the antenna. this chould expose the antenna motor and electrical housing. Disconnect the 2 plugs and remove the antenna. Instalation is the same but in reverse ;) <3

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How do you replace heater control valve on 1999 grand Cherokee limited v8?

There is no such part on a 1999 Jeep.

How do you replace an idler pulley on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder automatic?

Try to replace only bearing #6203 2Z inside of pulley.

How do you replace the radio antenna on a 2003 Elantra?

Manual antenna on Elantra. Unscrew the screw on top of the antenna pull out the insert antenna and replace with new one. Simple as can be.

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You can replace your 2003 Toyota Echo antenna. Remove the antenna retaining nut. Remove the cable from the bottom of the antenna. Reverse the process to install the new antenna.

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How do you replace a GMC Envoy antenna?

You simply unscrew the antenna rod and replace it. Very easy.

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How to Replace transmission bands on a 95 grand Cherokee?

Automatic Transmissions are such complex things that I would leave that to a transmission shop to do or, if I needed a new Automatic Transmission I would purchase a used or rebuilt one and replace the bad one myself.

Can you install a power antenna on a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee limited?

Yes but I'm not sure the benefits of doing so would ever be worth the hassles you'd encounter getting into the very small spaces that the drive motor has to be mounted and if you have an aftermarket stereo in the jeep you'll have to figure out the wiring. Most people want to replace a defective power antenna with a plain one.

1990 Buick lesabre automatic antenna won't work?

My last two Buicks the automatic antennas stuck in the up position so I just pulled the electrical plug off the side of the antenna unit in the trunk and left them that way. They say the gears wore out and the only way to repair them is to replace them.

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I am also trying to change my antenna on a Montero Limited 02 and found a antenna on EBAY but you have to replace everything. BUT a Better Idea is the one I found on WWW.CARSTEREOHELP.COM On this site, they say it is possible to change out the antenna whip only. This is the weekend, but I plan to pursue this option on Monday. I'll use my $30.00 antenna on some other car! Geo Here is the link:

How do you replace fog lights on an 04 Grand Cherokee Limited?

The fog lights on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee are accessed from the wheel wells. Remove the rivets for the dust covers to gain access to the lights. Twist off the bulbs and replace them.