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Try this site, it seems they know all about Mazda

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Q: How do you replace the axle CV boots on a 1998 Mazda 626?
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How can a 1997 Nissan Maxima axle get fixed?

1 - simplest and cheapest method- replace the axle 2- replace the CV joints and boots 3- lots of unnecessary work, very expensive - check the joints and replace as needed, replace boots

How do you replace 2000 dodge ram 1500 front axle cv joint and boots?

The 2000 Ram had u joints, not cv joints at the front axle.

Where can you find pictures for a front axle on a 1996 dodge neon?

Can you show me pictures on a dodge neon 1998 on how to remove and replace a front axle.

How do your replace or repair the axle cv boots on a 1994 Mazda 323?

Instruction for Mazda 323 (09/89 to 07/94) in German language including many pictures you will find at _wechseln.htm . have a step by step guide for some related areas. it might be worth the look.

How do You replace drive axel's on 1998 Mazda Protege?

tire off, brakes off, tie rod off, disconnect strut, and a few holding bolts. axle will slide out with a little bang from a hammer or a little pull if your lucky

Whats the best way to change the CV boots on a 1990 Eagle Talon?

The best way is to replace the complete halfshaft/axle assembly with a rebuilt unit. You will be done in no time. Replacing the boots is a chore and the cost of a rebuilt axle isn't much more than the boot kits.

How do you replace the front axle from 1998 oldsmobile van?

take it off, buy a new one, put it on. it worked for me!

If axle grease is leaking near the cv joint on a 1993 Mazda 626 and it is not ripped or torn where is the grease coming from?

Sometimes the boots crack in a seam and hard to find. If there is grease there is a rip.

Is it easier to simply replace the whole front axle system on your 1996 Toyota Camry when you only really need 2 CV boots replaced?

'''legal term.''' usually when the boots go bad the entire axle needs replacement for safety reasons. you don't know how much debris ,dust,water and or contaminants when in to the axle and it will just eat those joins away causing axle failure (vehicle accidents). '''do it your self term.''' on the other hand if is your personal vehicle and you doing it your self you could buy a kit at an autoparts store and yeah just replace the boots and grease them up.

How do you replace a CV Axle in a 1.5L 95 Mazda Protege without Anti Lock Brakes?

Not easy!!! Get a manual on your car and it will help on the next repair.

How do you replace front axle on 2001 Buick Lesabre?

Replace axle on 2001 buick Lesabre

How do you remove a front axle on a Honda 420 rancher 4x4?

How do you get the axle out to change the boots on the cv joints

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