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'''legal term.''' usually when the boots go bad the entire axle needs replacement for safety reasons. you don't know how much debris ,dust,water and or contaminants when in to the axle and it will just eat those joins away causing axle failure (vehicle accidents). '''do it your self term.''' on the other hand if is your personal vehicle and you doing it your self you could buy a kit at an autoparts store and yeah just replace the boots and grease them up.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-01 20:38:28
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Q: Is it easier to simply replace the whole front axle system on your 1996 Toyota Camry when you only really need 2 CV boots replaced?
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replace plugs, if already replaced, replace coil that is plugged into sparkplugs. Could be many things really - but yes if plugs are old, replace them first. Engines also misfire when they do not have the expected amount of fuel and air, so any problem with either of those could cause a misfire (air filter clog, fuel pump dying, bad fuel injector, bad wiring to the plugs or fuel injectors). Not likely, but if you hear a lot of noise, a bad timing chain could also be responsible. It is also possible that a bad MAF or O2 sensor could cause a misfire. If your O2 sensors are old (>100k miles) you should replace them, only use genuine Denso replacements (they can be bought for around $35 shipped), other brands do not work well with Toyota's extra sensitive requirements.

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