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1) Open the key

2) Use flat blade screwdriver to pry two halves apart

3) Pry the part without the metal key using screwdriver

4) Pull out the batter using a smaller screwdriver

5) Replace batter with a CR 2032 (3V)

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โˆ™ 2007-10-13 17:22:46
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Q: How do you replace the battery on volkswagen remote door lock?
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How can I replace the battery in my Dominator garage door opener remote control?


How do you unlock a Mercedes car door that has no key and the battery on the remote is dead?

Replace the battery on your remote key. If you get the dealer to do it for you it is notoriously expensive. Did you try unlocking the passenger side with the key?

What type of battery does a craftsman garage door opener remote use?

open your remote handset up.take the battery out..look at the battery identifying marks..go to your supermaket and buy one,replace it, simple

How do you replace batteries in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire door remote?

split the fob halfs and the battery will be on the backside of the board!

Why you can not lock your car Honda Accord with the remote car key?

You can if the key has a door lock/unlock button. I lock mine all the time with the remote. If you have the button on the key and it is not working then maybe the battery in the remote is dead? Open it up and replace the battery.

How do you replace battery door of the Nikon Coolpix 7600?

how to replace the door battery of a nikon coolpix 7600

How do you replace battery in 2004 Mercury Montery remote?

To replace the battery in your 2004 Murcery Monterey door lock remote all you have to do is hold it in your hand, take a knife and pop the back cover off pull the old battery out and put the new one in. Now enjoy locking your doors from a distance.

How do you replace a 2003 volkswagen drivers door mirror?

What model?

Why is it that remote control key can only work when it is very closed to door?

The remote needs a new battery.

How do you replace the battery on a GM remote key fob AB01502T?

hopefully this is what you need . The battery on the remote can be replaced with a cell battery number cr2032 there is only one little screw on the remote you will need a precision screwdriver. Dollar tree actually carry a little set (cheap but will do) open the remote battery pushes out quite easily you can use the same screw driver to help push it out. then replace with new battery. now walk up to car and hit the unlock button atleast four times until it unlocks the door. you need to do this in order for the car to recognize that remote and key. Good luck.

How do you fix the alarm system on 1998 Montero Sport by unlocking door with key instead of the remote and the alarm continued to go off and on and had to be disconnect?

Replace the remotes battery

Power door locks dont work with remote?

Is the remote's battery dead?

Where does one find the plip battery?

It is in the remote door key fob for your car.

Why won't Remote for door lock won't work 2000 jimmy?

battery on remote dead , other electrical problem

What is the part number for the remote keyless remote for 1998 blazer?

If you need a new remote, you need to go to the dealer. If you have a remote that isn't working, replace the battery; stand next to your truck and push both "lock" and "unlock" buttons simultaneously until you hear the door locks cycle (about 4 seconds).

How to reset the keyless remote of ML-320 when it doesn't lock or unlock the door but the alarm still on if press the lock button and the tank cover was lock also?

replace the battery on the remote, you open it where the key pops out :) this fixed mine.

How do you change Battery and disarm alarm in a Subaru Forester?

Lock and unlock the driver door with the remote if the alarm is on because of a disconnected battery.

Why does my 04 avalanche rear door locks will not lock with remote?

needs to be synced or the battery is dead

Does a 2001 Volkswagen Passat remote control the starting of the vehicle?

No I have a 2001 vw jetta and the remote will not start the car. You can buy a customized alarm system that will allow you to remotely start the car. A Vw does have remote door unlock and lock

Your garage door remote opener does not work why?

You garage door opener's battery can be dead. It is also possible that your transmitter is damaged and not communicating with the opener.

My remote don't open or close my garage door?

Usually it is the battery, If this doesn't solve the problem, check the antenna of the garage door opener.

Where can someone purchase a Liftmaster remote?

One may purchase a Liftmaster brand remote for a garage door at Sears department stores. They sell complete garage door opener system and replace parts such as the remote for the Liftmaster brand.

1999 RX 300 remote sensor - Where is it and does it need cleaned - Remote lockunlock intermittent Not battery?

You need a new door lock actuator

Your dodge caravan sport's secruity alarm light stays on and the remote doesn't unlock the door?

The battery in the remote may be dead, or the remote or security system may have a fault of some sort.

How does a person fix a broken garage door remote?

A person could fix a broken garage door remote by ordering the replacement parts either from the company or online. Then you just replace the parts that are broken.