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In the trunk, you will have to pull back the liner from the back of the trunk. Underneath there you will find about 5 large plastic wing nuts. Remove these, and then pull the lens assembly out away from the car. You will then be able to get to the bulbs.

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Q: How do you replace the brake lamps on a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria?
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How do you fix the break lamps on a 1989 ford crown Victoria if fuses are ok?

Last time I ran into this problem, the wires attached to the brake light switch connector on the brake pedal were broken (the insulation looked good but when wiggled there was an obvious fault). I spliced the wires back together and the brake lamps worked! Hope this helps, Radioman

What could be the problem when the dashboard lights and taillights are not illuminated on a 1992 Ford Crown Victoria?

The park lamps fuse is blown

How do you replace a bulb in the third brake light of a 2002 Nissan frontier?

Take out the two screws and replace one or both of the lamps.

What does the truck break lamp relay control?

the brake lamps, smart one the brake lamps, smart one

How do you replace brake light 2003 impala?

See Tail Lamps, Turn Signal, Stop Lamps and Sidemarker Lamps on page 5-57 of your "Owner's Manual", under Section 5: Service and Appearance Care - Bulb Replacement...

What causes 10 amp fuse to keep blowing for the parking lamps on 2005 ford crown Victoria?

There is a short in the wiring or in the bulb. Try changing the bulbs first.

My 2004 land rover Discovery is stuck in neutral?

Check to see if Brake lamps work when brake pedal is pressed. If not gear shifter is locked for safety so replace fuse or repair brake lamp switch.

How do you fix the brake lights on a 1992 Honda Accord LX already changed fuses that didn't wotk?

if it isn't a fuse or lamp problem, check the brake lamp switch on the brake pedal, if you unplug the switch, and jumper the connection, and you have brake lamps, replace the switch...

What does check brake lamps mean?

I'm assuming that one of your brake light bulbs is not working

How do you get to the rear brake light bulbs on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

You have to unbolt the entire tail lamp assembly to change the bulbs. Unbolt the tail lamps from inside the corners of the bed, replace the light bulbs, bolt the tail lamps back in place.

Can t5 lamps replace metal halide lamps?

Technically yes.But you need to check the practicality of it.

Tail lamps stays on 96 Honda Accord?

If you are referring to the brake light then the brake light switch is stuck.

How do you replace rear main light bulb on shogun pinin?

I have a similar problem. How do I get to replace the side/brake/fog bulbs in the fitting in the rear lower skirt? Can't see how to get at the lamps at all! Appreciate an email to Thanks

How do you replace the third brake light on c230?

I had to replace my brake lights. It is very simple. I went to the local auto parts store and told them what I needed and the sales person followed me to the car to identify the correct bulbs. Accessing the lamps are via the trunk. A couple of quarter turns to remove and replace it and the job is done. To the above: The third brakelight can only be located from the inside of the car you dipsh!t.

What does it mean when it says check brake lamps?

I'm assuming that one of your brake lights is not working , if this is a message being displayed in your Explorer

Why is brake lamp on 1993 Acura Legend?

A. Legislation in many countries require vehicles to have brake lamps. B. Your foot is on the brake pedal. C. There is a fault in the circuit

What kind of fuses does a 1994 Ford Thunderbird take for brake lights and turn signal?

Blade Type ATO/ATC Automotive Fuses: 10A for the turn signal lamps & 15A for the Brake/Hazard Lamps. Hope that helps.

The brake lights only work when the headlights are off when they are on it looks as if you are braking all the time Help?

Check the bulbs sounds like they have been put in backwards Double filamented smaller is for brake lamps larger is for tail lamps

How do you replace bulb in standing lamps on Mercedes e320?

how to replace standing lamp in 1998 e320

How do you replace dashboard lamps on 1999 Saturn SC1?

Remove the instrument cluster then replace the bulbs. = =

How do you replace the reading lamps on a ford explorer?

Look in your manual.

How do you diagnose the rear brake lights not working on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer when the third brake light in the window works?

Check under the rear left seat in the fuse panel. Replace the 15 amp fuse for the stop lamps, you can locate its position by looking in your owners manual.

What type of light bulbs are used in a Ford Windstar?

Not only does the Owners Manual offer this handy round-up of bulbs, but also illustrated instructions on how to replace the most common ones, i.e., headlights, turn signals, brake lights, etc.Straight from the 2001 Windstar Owners ManualFunction Trade NumberFront park/turn lamps 3157 AK (amber)Cornering lamps 3156KAuxiliary parking lamps 912Headlamps 9007Rear license plate lamps 168High-mount brake lamp 921Rear turn lamps 3156KBackup lamps 3156KBrake/tail lamps 3157KDome lamp 921Cargo liftgate lamp T-562Map lamps/dome 578 (opt)Stepwell lamp T-562Front seat footwell 194Front door mounted courtesy lamp 168Second row reading lamp 578All replacement bulbs are clear in color except where noted.To replace all instrument panel lights - see your dealer.See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you replace dash lights 1994 mercury villager van?

To replace lamps the cluster must be removed.

How do you change the brake lamps on a 1994 Honda Accord?

Changing the lamps is pretty straight forward. There is a cover over the lamp assembly, remove it. Then, turn the tail lamp (with the connector) counter clockwise about 1/4 turn. Pull the assembly forward, then replace the lamp. Installation is the reverse of removal. Hope this helps.