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Assuming its like my 1997.

Loosen the lugnuts while on the ground, the jack up the side like you are changing the tire except add a jackstand for safety. A small stool/toolbox to sit on makes it easier. Remove the tire for that side (assuming the front left for front right side only), and behind the caliper there will be two bolts - 17/19mm if I recall - one at top, one at bottom. Remove those two bolts. With the caliper bolts off, work the caliper off the rotor - it may be stuck because of a "ring" on the outer edge that is not worn down - since you are replacing the pads, its ok to bung up the old ones getting the caliper off - I usually push/pull in and out, the use a rubber mallet if needed - hit the top and bottom in the direction to remove it - in the case for the left side, front to back swing into the caliper at the top - be gentle though. Once the caliper is off, pop out the pads - and keep them together for reference on installing the new ones. To push in the piston, I use a large C-clamp (7+ inch jaw) with a socket in the piston-cup to keep it axially aligned while pushing it back in - it is seated when the rubber seal is sticking out farther than the piston-cup - OR - it no longer moves easily - assuming the piston-cup are not misaligned and jammed. Some fluid may spit out of the brake fluid resivoir as the piston is compressed back. Put the new pads in - a screwdriver helps with the metal tabs - its a trick, and like Basketball it takes practice. If the caliper does not fit back on the rotor, usually the piston is not in far enough. Assuming that the rotors are not being removed, put the bolts back in, double check they are tight, put the wheel on and repeat on the other side.

You should ALWAYS check to see if there are any grooves worn in the rotors or drums when replacing brake pads. If there are signs of wear, have the rotors or drums turned to smooth them out for better braking and longer pad life. If you DO NOT do this, the new pad will wear faster because the high spots of the grooves in the rotors will wear down the pads until they match the grooves in the rotors. They will wear pretty normally after that, but you will have lost some life off the pads at the beginning.

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Q: How do you replace the brake pads on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 4WD?
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