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How do you replace the bulb for running lights on a 1995 Chevy Cavalier the running lights are on the side of the vehicle?


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Reach up under neath the fender and you should feel the wires going to the light housing. Just twist the light counter clockwise and it should pull out. The light bulb should pull out. When you have the light out you can see notches and you can see how it twists back in. Good Luck

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What year is the vehicle? Did you check the fuse?

they are not standard on every vehicle.

What make/model vehicle?What vehicle?Toyota Rav4 2002

The problem may be the electronic module that controls your daytime running lights. If there is a plug to the module, unplug it and the hi beam lights will work. The Hi Beam light indicator may not work now though until you replace the module.

turns running lights off and on. the lights around the top of vehicle usually, orange lights. Doug

The daytime running lights on the 2006 Corolla are a safety feature. They are designed to make it easier for other drivers to see the vehicle.

They should come on automatically when the vehicle is in operation. If they're not, you might have an electrical problem. If your vehicle is a U.S. vehicle and you want daytime running lights, you must purchase a daytime running lights (drl) module for about $50. and place it in the fuse area off the driver's side dash. Remove the hi beam module and then find someone with a Jeep/Chrysler computer that can flash your computer board and change the country code to Canada and voila, you will have daytime running lights.

Check the daytime running lights module. This has failed with other manufactures resulting in lights that stay on, or are very dim while the vehicle is running.

A TNS relay is located in the fuse box of a vehicle. It controls the vehicle's turn signal lights, running lights, taillights, and dash lights.

Your vehicle is equipped the Daytime Running Lights, (DRL). A daytime running lamp (DRL, also daylight running lamp or daytime running light) is a lighting device on the vehicle that are installed in pairs. They automatically are switched on when the vehicle is moving forward, and is intended to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight conditions.

Daytime running lights on a Honda Civic are the same as normal headlights. To fix or replace them, locate the headlight housing in the front of the car. Remove the plastic housing and replace the bulbs.

You need to replace the daytime running lights control module

vehicles equipped with day time running lights are designed to have the running lights on when the vehicle is running in gear.the only time you can change that is by turning on the headlights, or turning off the ignition. some running lights go out when the transmission is put into park. ( the only way to change that is by manually disabling the lights, like cutting wires, or breaking bulbs)

Each type of vehicle has a unique design to its headlight assembly. Some have the headlight and emergencey lights in one housing others have them seperated.

Our 04 Envoy had a recall on turn signals and tail-lights, they just had to replace a relay. I would check with your dealer to see if your vehicle has been recalled.

The dashboard lights on a Nissan are indicators to help maintain the safety of the vehicle. These lights let you know when you are running out of gas, oil or if you need to have your engine checked.

how do you fix your lighting problem with your 94 chevy cavalier z24 you haveno tail lights dash lights or parking lights

what are the warning lights in the Chevy cavalier z24. and what do they mean

towbar maybe or be sure that your tail lights and brake lights are in good working order.

The daytime running lights are the low beam lights run by a specific circuit. If they don't work then check your fuses and then the wiring harness for damage.

If the lights flicker when the vehicle is running, the alternator is on it's way out.

Be sure to keep the rear tail lights, brake lights and signal lights in good working order. To many times you see vehicles with lights missing.

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