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1. Jack up truck, put it on jack stands

2. Remove wheels

3. Using a line wrench, remove the brake lines

4. Remove the calipers with an Allen wrench(they will be on there very tightly, you will probably need a cheater pipe to give you more leverage)

5. Remove brake pads from calipers

6. Install pads into calipers

7. Install new calipers on truck using either the original hardware or the supplied hardware(make sure the calipers are tightened to spec)

8. Install both brake lines

9. Bleed brakes, starting with the wheel farthest from the master cylinder(front passenger) Add fluid as necessary

10. Reinstall wheels

11. Lower vehicle

12. Make sure the brake work before leaving the drive way, at low speed first, the gradualy faster

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Q: How do you replace the calipers on a 1998 Chevy Cheyenne 1500?
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