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How do you replace the cigarette lighter on a 1996 subaru legacy and where is the fuse located?

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The procedure is similar to replacing the stereo. The key is to remove completely the surrounding housings and consoles. Use magnetic screwdrivers, because if they drop, they will fall into the console, and be very difficult to retrieve. All screws are Philips head. You'll need long-shaft and short-shaft screwdrivers.

The best approach is to start at the center console (between the seats and to the rear of the gear shift). Open the center console, and you will find 2 screws. Remove them. Remove the the center console.

Then go to the decorative trim around the gear shift. Most often it is a shiny plastic faux wood piece. Start at the top (toward the radio console.) Gently pry the front side up and work around the edges to spring the snaps out. Gentle flexing will get you there, be patient. At the bottom of the piece (toward the rear of the vehicle) is a tab that slides under the console to the rear. Once free, this piece can be rotated and removed around the gear shift knob, unless you've replaced it with a wide "T" handle. If so, remove the gear shift handle.

The trailing console piece can then also be unsnapped and removed. This allows the center dash console to be removed (at the bottom).

Slide the cup holder out (above stereo) as far as it will slide. It will not slide out of its housing completely. There is a screw on each side. Remove them and slide out the cup holder assembly out of its cavity.

Slide the ashtray out of its housing completely. Underneath the upper housing there are 2 SHORT screws. It is tight, so you will need a short-shaft Philips screwdriver. These are tricky... don't drop the screws.

The center dash console (around the stereo and ashtray / cigarette lighter) can then be removed. It is tricky to pull the console out, because the wires to the cigarette lighter are attached.

The wires are attached by slide-on connectors to the exterior of the cigarette lighter assembly. One connector attaches to the outside and the other to the rear pole. The cigarette lighter power unit is housed inside three metal cylinders that screw together.

Remove the cigarette lighter wires, attach to the new unit (~$7 at a retail auto parts store). Use a tester or a GPS unit to ensure that there is power going to the unit. There is a decorative ring that can be re-used if desired.

After the new unit is attached to the console, reinsert onto the central console housing. It's a little tricky reinserting the console with the wiring attached to the console.

Reattach all the assemblies and consoles in the reverse order described above.

2010-03-14 18:11:17
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Q: How do you replace the cigarette lighter on a 1996 subaru legacy and where is the fuse located?
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