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you'll need a repair manual for this. if the slave is inside the bell housing the tranny, clutch, and such will have to be removed the cylinder replaced and the clutch bled to get the air out of the lines. If the clinder is outside the bellhousing, you can remove the cylinder, replace it, but you'll still have to bleed the system of air

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If that's the case, you need to remove the transmission to get to it. Another one of Fords better ideas. Then there is a special tool to remove the line. It's Ford tool number T88T-70522-A. once the transmission is out, it is very easy to remove the slave cylinder, just slide it off the input shaft.

Ford recommends replacing the tube when ever hydraulic system service is necessary, because the quick-connect feature tends to trap air in the system and prevents complete bleeding of the system. The replacement tube does not include the quick-connect feature.

To remove the transmission:


  1. Place gearshift lever in Neutral position, then remove boot retainer screws or boots.
  2. Remove bolts, then pull gearshift lever assembly out of retainer or transfer case adapter as applicable.
  3. Cover shift lever opening with cloth to prevent dirt entry.
  4. Disconnect battery ground cable, then raise and support vehicle.
  5. Scribe alignment marks on driveshaft and rear axle companion flange, then disconnect driveshaft from flange.
  6. On Ranger Super Cab models, remove driveshaft center bearing bracket.
  7. On all models, pull driveshaft rearward and disconnect from transmission or transfer case adapter. Install suitable plug to prevent lubricant leakage.
  8. Disconnect hydraulic line from slave cylinder, then plug line to prevent fluid leakage.
  9. Disconnect speedometer cable from extension housing or transfer case adapter as applicable.
  10. Disconnect starter motor, back-up lamp switch, shift indicator switch and neutral position switch electrical connectors as applicable.
  11. On models with 2.9L/V6-177, 3.0L/V6-182 and 4.0L/V6-241 engines, remove exhaust system components if necessary to gain clearance.
  12. On all models, place suitable jack under engine, then place a block of wood between jack and engine to protect oil pan and raise jack slightly.
  13. Remove transfer case, if applicable.
  14. Remove starter motor, then place a suitable jack under transmission.
  15. Remove bolts, lockwashers, and flat washers attaching transmission to engine rear plate.
  16. Remove nuts and bolts attaching transmission mount and damper to crossmember.
  17. Remove nuts attaching crossmember to frame side rails, then remove crossmember.
  18. Lower engine jack, then work clutch housing from locating dowels. Slide transmission rearward until input shaft spline clears clutch disc, then remove transmission from vehicle.


  1. Reverse procedure to install, noting the following:
    • Torque transmission to engine rear plate and rear plate to transmission bolts to 28-38 ft lbs.
    • Bleed hydraulic clutch system.

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Q: How do you replace the clutch slave cylinder of a 99 Ford Ranger V6 3.0 liter engine?
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The slave cylinder for a manual transmission hydraulic clutch is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

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Where is the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder on a 94 explorer xlt?

The clutch master cylinder is in the engine compartment and the slave cylinder for the hydraulic clutch is inside the manual transmission bellhousing

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First check for mechanical interference from the clutch mechanism to throttle linkage.

What are the cylinder numbers on a Ford Ranger?

where is the number 3 cylinder located on a 2.5 ford ranger engine

How to tell whether the clutch slave cylinder needs to be replace and how to do it?

If there is fluid leaking from it in the engine bay in front of your tranny, its bad, also check the master cylinder on the floor board conecting your clutch pedal they can both leak brake fluid. Both are very easy to replace.

How do you know when the clutch master cylinder is gone in a 1995 escort?

Whenever you are having a problem with the clutch disengaging the engine from the transmission it is advisable to bleed the clutch slave cylinder. If the clutch can't be operated by bleeding the slave cylinder then the clutch master cylinder is gone and should be replaced.

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The 4 cylinder engine is 2.3 liters ( 140 cubic inches ) in a 1994 Ford Ranger

Is a 1997 Ford Ranger with a 2.3 engine an interferance engine?

No , the 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine in a 1997 Ford Ranger is not an interference engine

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Firing order for 1996 Ranger 4-cylinder engine is 1-3-4-2.

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To replace the clutch you must separate the engine and transmission. For a front wheel drive vehicle, separating the engine and transmission can only be accomplished by removing the engine.

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Where is the thermostat located and how do you replace it located on a 1996 Ford Ranger 6 cylinder?

follow the top radiator hose to the engine, remove it then remove the thermostat housing, remove the thermostat and replace it

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The clutch master cylinder is in your engine compartment , the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder is inside your manual transmission bell housing

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